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2nd Generation
JEREMY ADAMS was born 1604 in England and died August 11, 1683 in Hartford, Hartford CT (Source: Constance Wells sent chart compiled by Sadie Barnes Knox cited Compendum of Amer. Genealogy). He married REBECKAH BASEDEN 1639 in Hartford, Hartford CT, the widow of Mr. Greenhill. Mentioned in The Catalogue of First Puritan Settlers, R. R. Hineman, first published in Hartford 1846, p. 12: Adams, Jeremy, of Hartford, 1639, to purchase corn with Capt. Mason of the Indians, in 1638--a juror and deputy. Jeremy's name is inscribed on the Monument erected by the Ancient Burying Ground Association of Hartford, in memory of the First Settlers of Hartford. Some of the land he owned is now the property of Harvard University. Hartford Monument
Founder's Monument
From The Original Proprietors by Miss Mary K. Talcott:
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JEREMY ADAMS was at Braintree, perhaps, 1632, removed soon to Cambridge; freeman there, May 6, 1635; came to Hartford in 1636, where he was an original proprietor; his home lot in 1639 was on the highway now Elm Street; constable in 1639; he married about that time Rebecca, widow of Samuel Greenhill, it is supposed as a second wife, and in the Distribution, p. 217, he is described as in possession of the house lot and lands of Greenhill, until the two children come of age (date not given). He was licensed for exclusive right to retail liquors, May, 1660; to keep ordinary, March, 1661/2; this tavern was on the site of the present Universalist Church; he bought the lot of John Morrice, and mortgaged it to the Colony Jan.26, 1660; his affairs had evidently been in an embarrassed condition for some time, and the mortgage was foreclosed Jan. 14, 1680/1. He was appointed custom/master, May, 1663; freed from watching and warding, at the age of 60, March 2, 1664/5; townsman, 1671. His wife, Rebecca, died in 1678, and he married Rebecca, widow of Andrew Warner, Jr., and daughter of John Fletcher. He died Aug. 11, 1683. Inventory, 243. 5. 6. He mentions in his will his granson, Zachary Sandford, children of son John Adams and children of son Willett. His widow survived him (although not mentioned in his will) and died in Middletown, Jan. 25, 1715, aged 77. Children: i. Ann, married Robert Sandford, of Hartford (q. v.). Her son Zachary redeemed his grandfather's property in 1685, and kept an ordinary in the same place for many years. ii. Hannah, m. Nathaniel Willett, of Hartford (q. v.). iii. John, m.; d. 1670; inv. Sept. 6, 1670. iv. Samuel, baptized Nov. 23, 1645; prob. died young. v. Hester. vi. Sarah.

Uncited but interesting data from internet about Jeremy.

2nd Generation
Children of Jeremy Adams and Rebeckah Baseden
HANNAH ADAMS was born 1637 in Weathersfield, Hartford, CT (Source: Early Connecticut Probate Records, will of Thomas Greenhill, includes her), and died 1670. She married NATHANIEL WILLET about 1658 in Hartford, Hartford, CT.
JOHN ADAMS, b. about 1650 (Source: Early Connecticut Probate Records says age 33 on 29, May, 1683).
SARAH ADAMS, b. Before July 16, 1653 (Source: Early Connecticut Probate Records, will of Thomas Greenhill, includes her).
HESTER ADAMS, b. Bef. July 16, 1653 (Source: Early Connecticut Probate Records, will of Thomas Greenhill, includes her).

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