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1st Generation
Ludwig Beyer married Eva who was born in Prussia. She died in MI.

2nd Generation
Mathilde Beyer was born in Prussia.

Johann "John" Beyer died February 13, 1936. He married Louise Marie Rosenow on April 7, 1888 in Manistee, MI at the St. Paul Lutheran Church. She died before 1936. Children

Julia Beyer

Fred Beyer
Andreas Friedrich "Fred" Beyer was born in October of 1840. He died March 15, 1917 in Manistee, MI. He was married on November 7, 1869 in Berent, West Prussia to Henriette Luise "Yetta" Harthun who was born August 11, 1847 in Alt Paleschken, Berent, West Prussia and died November 7, 1907 in Manistee. Children
Yetta Harthun

3rd Generation
Children of Johann Beyer and Louise Rosenow

Frieda Emma Bertha Beyer was born February 8, 1889 in Filer Township, Manistee Co., MI. She married Hilding Swanson. Their children are: Helen Swanson who married Ernest Roeder and Carl Evert Swanson.

Carl Johann Friedrich Beyer was born June 3, 1890 in Filer township, Manistee Co., MI.

Carl H. Beyer was born February 8, 1891. He married Amelia Berndt. Children

Meta Bertha Beyer was born February 8, 1891.

Minnie E. Beyer was born May 3, 1892 in Filer Township, Manistee Co., MI and died July 28, 1989 in Ludington, Mason Co., MI. She married a Youngquist.

Hermann F. Beyer was born March 4, 1894 and died January of 1978 in Freesoil, Mason, MI. He married Selva B. Hukill who was born May 13, 1906 and died February of 1985 in Freesoil, Mason, MI. Child

Meta Gertrude Beyer was born February 9, 1896. She married Ronald Brunke who was born May 29, 1894 and died May 7, 1993 in Muskegon, Muskegon, MI. Their children are: Everette, Lois, John Harley and Ione Brunke.

Johann F. Beyer was born February 15, 1900 in Mason Co., MI, and died March 12, 1994 in Ludington, Mason Co., MI. He married [1] Doris Timmerman and [2] Evelyn J. Smith on March 24, 1944 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., MI. She was born October 26, 1898 in Custer, Mason Co., MI and died February 22, 1988 in Ludington, Mason Co., MI.

Otto Wilhelm Beyer was born May 2, 1903 and died November 3, 1987 in St. Petersburg, Pinellas Co., FL. He married Nettie Murphy who was born August 23, 1901 and died January 1994 in St. Petersburg. Child

Mildred Leona Beyer was born January 15, 1906 in Freesoil, Mason Co., MI and died March 11, 1907 in Victory Township, Mason Co., MI.

Children of Andreas Beyer and Henriette Harthun

Gustav Friedrich Ludwig Beyer was born December 26, 1869 in GroB Podless, Berent, West Prussia and died October 25, 1935 in Manistee, MI. He married [1] Alma Johanne Stege who was born March 21, 1870 in Manistee MI and died May 17, 1957 in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas Co., OH. He married [2] in 1892, Clara Reimelt who was born in May of 1872 in WI. Children

Hulda Emilie Mathilde Beyer was born May 5, 1872 in GroB Klinsch, Berent, West Prussia. She married Freidrich Karl Schudlich on October 18, 1890 in Manistee, MI. Their children are: Amanda Hedwig Schudlich who was born December 7, 1891 and died the next day; Freda Hulda Schudlich who was born July 1, 1893 and died May 1984 in Ludington, Mason Co., MI. She married Otto Dostal who was born June 9, 1890 and died June 1976 in Ludington; Arthur Carl Friedrich Schudlich was born October 28, 1895 and died September 9, 1898; Hedwig L. Schudlich was born September 23, 1899 and died December 12, 1902; George Paul Schudlich was born January 10, 1902 and died June 15, 1962; Christian Friedrich Schudlich was born May 11, 1904; Louisa Anna Henrietta Schudlich was born March 18, 1906.

Mathilde Bertha "Tillie" Beyer was born October 1, 1874 in GroB Klinsch, Berent, West Prussia and died July 10, 1934 in Manistee, MI. She married [1] Robert Campbell on January 23, 1892 in Manistee at the Trinity Lutheran Church. Tillie Beyer
They had one child, Fred Robert Campbell who was born December 13, 1892 in Manistee. He married Mamie Kirkpatrick. Fred & Mamie
Fred & Mamie
Mathilde married [2] Carl Hermann "Charlie" Altrock who was born November 19, 1874 in Dearborn, Wayne Co., MI and died July 26, 1957 in Manistee. They were married in Manistee on May 19, 1895.
Can you identify this woman and child? This is part of a picture that included Tillie Beyer (Altrock) holding her granddaughter, Marguerite "Peggie" Altrock. It was taken in the winter of 1923.
Gotthif Beyer was born August 23, 1877 in Manistee, MI and died there on March 12, 1954. He married Emilie Gehrke.

Hedwig A. Beyer was born August 19, 1879 in Manistee, MI and died there on July 29, 1896.

Emil Friedrich Beyer was born September 20, 1881 in Manistee, MI and died there on September 4, 1896.

Julius Beyer Julius Albert Beyer was born September 29, 1883 in Manistee, MI. He married Balbina "Bina" Zawacki in MI on September 22, 1903. Children Bina Zawacki
Ida Laura Beyer was born September 7, 1885 in Manistee, MI.
Amanda Beyer Amanda Emma Beyer was born December 27, 1887 in Manistee, MI and died there on January 15, 1972. She married Heinrich Gustav "Henry" Kolk on January 31, 1912 in Manistee. He was born on March 1, 1889 in Manistee and died there on December 2, 1959.
Friedrich Willhelm Beyer was born April 14, 1891 and died July 15, 1900 in Manistee, MI.

Clara Louise Beyer was born November 3, 1896 in Manistee MI and died there on December 21, 1980. She married Carl Bendix Amerell on September 7, 1917 in Ludington, Mason Co., MI. He was born October 4, 1882 in Ludington, Mason Co., MI and died September 24, 1942 in Manistee. Their children are: Glenn E. Amerell who was born May 25, 1918 in Ludington, Mason Co., MI and died December 12, 1958. He married Ann Whittman who died on April 4, 1958; Carl Bendix Amerell who married Leona Nice; Wesley G. "Webb" Amerell who married Loretta M. Veine; Ruth Jean "Ruthie" Amerell who married Harvey Adolphson.

4th Generation
Children of Carl H. Beyer and Amelia Berndt

Herbert Beyer.
Walter Beyer.
Hattie Beyer.
Eddie Beyer.
Louise Beyer.

Child of Hermann F. Beyer and Selva B. Hukill

Henry Beyer was born December 19, 1929 in Free Soil, Victory Township, Mason Co., MI and died in Ludington, MI on November 25, 1997. He married Janet Ruth Smith on April 26, 1968 in Manistee, MI. Child

Child of Otto Wilhelm Beyer and Nettie Murphy

Gordon Beyer of St. Petersburg, Pinellas, FL.

Children of Gustav Beyer and Clara Reimelt

Manda Beyer was born in April of 1893.
Gertrude Beyer was born in December of 1894.
Edwin Beyer was born in September of 1896.
Walter Beyer was born in May of 1899.

Children of Julius Albert Beyer and Balbina Zawacki

Esther Beyer.

Anna (Ella?) Beyer born in 1907.

Edwin Harry Beyer who was born August 7, 1908 and died in August of 1974 in Alpena, Alpena Co., MI.

Walter Julius Beyer who was born December 12, 1909 in Manistee, MI and died February 1, 1989 in Newcastle, Placer Co., CA.

5th Generation
Child of Henry Beyer and Janet Smith

Rodney Beyer.

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