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1st Generation

The first two generations listed on this page are the subject of ongoing research and posted here to help facilitate that research. It should not be treated as fact. There is no definitive proof tying the children to the parents or to each other.

William Burgess Sr. was born between 1760 and 1766, possibly in Virginia. He died between 1830 and 1840, possibly in Marion Co. TN. His wife's name is unknown. William appears on the 1830 Marion Co. TN census living near his son William. Marion Co. TN is very close to Bledsoe Co. and Hamilton Co. TN (see map) where William's son John and his children lived in 1830. This William seems to be the same one who is listed on the 1790 and 1800 census for Rutherford Co. NC. He is not listed on the tax list for 1782 Rutherford Co. NC, indicating that he moved to this area between 1782 and 1790 from somewhere else (VA?). He was the only Burgess head of house named on the 1790 census in this county. By 1800 there is a Woody Burgess who shows up on the same census living near William. This Woody seems too old to be William's son. William does not appear on the 1810 Rutherford Co. census. From the estimated birth dates of his children and grandchildren we can assume that William moved to TN between 1805 and 1808. It is not known if he went directly to Marion Co. or spent time in other TN counties on his way. There is no census for East TN before 1830. A treatise on TN land history states that the U.S. Congress created the Congressional Reservation in the area west of the TN river in 1806. This presumedly opened these lands for settlement. This is precisely the area in which he and his offspring are living in 1830. It should also be noted that this area was on the fringe of the established Cherokee lands to the East. This is in keeping with the long held family tradition that there were Indian connections to this Burgess line. John Burgess Sr. and family specifically is living the closest to the Cherokee towns in 1830. William's birth date is estimated from the age ranges offered by the census (his age range is consistent) and the assumption that he was at least 18 years old when son John Jr. was born. This puts his birth date at no earlier than 1760 and no later than 1766. He seems to have died 1830 - 1840, probably in Marion Co. TN. It should be noted that this is approximately the same time that his descendants leave TN and disburse into AL and GA. Map showing migration pattern.

2nd Generation

WILLIAM BURGESS JR., b. 1780-1790, VA, NC ? William Jr. Burgess last appears on a census in 1830 Marion Co. TN. Since the census for Marion Co. 1840 does not seem to include his children it is assumed that he moved elsewhere rather than died. Research is ongoing. He seems to have been close in age to his brother John. It is believed that he was the older of the two because his children seem to be older. He was most likely married in NC.
John Burgess Sr. was born about 1784 in VA and died in 1862 in Blount Co., AL. His name is also given as Jackson John Burgess. The 1860 Blount Co. census states that he was blind. He was married about 1803 to Sarah Smith who was born about 1779 in SC and died in 1862 in Blount Co. Family tradition claims that Sarah was a full-blooded Cherokee. It is further said that she and one of her children were forced to head west on the "Trail of Tears" but that she escaped and returned to Georgia. They are not ennumerated on the 1840 census. It could be argued that they were not eager to participate in a Federal enumeration coming just two years after the removal. Children
NANCY BURGESS, b. ABT 1796, Rutherford Co. NC ? Nancy appears on the census in Cherokee Co. AL living with James Jackson and his wife Jane Burgess. It is not proven that she was a daughter of William Burgess Sr., but her age suggests that she was.
FRANCES BURGESS, b. ABT 1798, Rutherford Co. NC ? She appears on the census living with the family of James Jackson and his wife Jane Burgess. It is not yet proven that she was a daughter of William Sr. Her age seems to suggest that she was, though it is possible that she was the widow of one of his sons.
JAMES BURGESS, b. ABT 1799, Rutherford Co. NC; m. NANCY MALVINA ______. James is listed on the Bledsoe Co. census in 1830 living near William and Smith (sons of John Jr.). He was in Floyd co. GA in 1840 and Cherokee Co. AL by 1850. One census has his birth place listed as SC. This researcher believes that he was probably born in Rutherford Co. NC. Researchers for this line: Debra, Frankie. Children as reported by Frankie
KING BURGESS, b. ABT 1803, Rutherford Co. NC; d. 1851-1860, Cherokee Co. AL; m. MARTHA BASS, October 1, 1834, St. Clair Co. AL. It has been reported that King was married before his marriage to Martha. This researcher can see no sign of it. He apparently was not living on his own in 1830 as he does not show up on a census. It is believed that he was enumerated with his father in Marion Co. TN in 1830. He first appears on the census in Cherokee Co. AL in 1840.
SAMUEL BURGESS, b. ABT 1805, Rutherford Co. NC. Samuel is listed on the 1830 census for Marion Co. TN living near his father and brother William Jr. In 1840 he appears on the census in Cherokee Co. AL.

3rd Generation
WILLIAM BURGESS was born ABT 1805 in NC, and died 1860-1870 in AL. He married MILDRED (BURGESS). William appears on the 1830 Bledsoe Co. TN census. He may have been married in this county. In 1840, and 1850 he is in Floyd Co. GA, in the area of Cave Springs. In 1860 he is living in Cherokee Co. AL in the vicinity of other Burgess families indicating that these Burgesses are related as well. These families are primarily the descendants of James, Samuel, and King Burgess who are believed to have been brothers. This James Burgess also lived in Bledsoe Co. TN in 1830, very near William. It is noted that James, Samuel, and King Burgess followed the same migration path as the family of John Burgess Sr., NC-TN-AL. William Burgess shows up for the last time on the 1860 Cherokee Co. AL census. The ages of William's children are taken from the 1850 Floyd Co. GA census. Some later census records don't agree with these dates. Children
SMITH BURGESS was born ABT 1808 in TN, and died 1879 in Blount Co., AL. He married SARAH (BURGESS).Smith Burgess appears on the 1830 Bledsoe Co. TN census living very near William and James Burgess. His children are very young indicating that this may be where he was married. He was in Floyd Co. GA in 1840, and 1850, and he moved to Blount Co. AL in 1856. Sarah appears on the census in 1880 in Cullman Co. AL living with the family of her son William. This census gives her age as 78 and says she was born in GA and that her parents were born in TN. Children
John Burgess Jr John Source John Burgess Jr. was born about 1810 in TN and died in 1878 in Blount Co., AL. He was married about 1830 in TN(?) to Rachel Smith who was born September 1814 in TN and died in 1906 in Blount Co. John is reported to have been half Cherokee, born in the Cherokee Nation of TN. Rachel Smith Rachel Source
His occupation is listed as farmer and or miller. He is known to have been an owner of a sawmill, furniture manufacturing business, and cotton gin. The value of his real estate in 1850 (GA) is listed as $6,000, in 1860 (AL) as $4,000. He is living in Floyd Co. GA. on the 1850 census, and in Blount Co. AL on the 1860 census. He moved to AL in 1856 and purchased land there in Nov. 1856. While in Blount Co., his family lived in or very near Blountsville. It has been reported that like his father he was also a Baptist preacher. Some sources give his full name as Jackson John Burgess Jr., but this has not been confirmed. Rachel is said to have been a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Her date of birth is not known for sure. Many dates have been ascribed to this event. Her tombstone in Oak Grove Cemetery Blount Co. AL, says she was born in 1808, but the stone was put up very recently. This researcher has decided to use the date taken from the 1900 census which is 1814. The reason being that the information presumedly came from Rachel herself and the month of her birth is also given. In 1880 and 1900 Rachel appears on the census living with her daughter Sarah Self's family. A story has been passsed down saying that Rachel hid her horses from a Yankee raiding party and that they were so upset that they killed her kittens by hiding them in a butter churn. It is a fact that Yankee Colonel Streight conducted a raid through Blount Co. taking all of the horses and mules he could find. Rachel is buried in Oak Grove cemetery in Blount Co. AL. Children
MARTHA (PATSY) JANE BURGESS, b. ABT 1824, TN; d. Aft. 1900, AL. Some researchers have her as two different people, Martha and Patsy, or Martha and Jane. This researcher believes that it was the same person based on the facts that Patsy was a common nickname for Martha and the two names never appear on a census together. She apparently never married. She is on the 1880 and 1900 census in Blount Co. AL living in the home of Pate Self, who married her niece Sallie. Her sister in-law-Rachel is living there as well.
JOSEPH BURGESS, b. ABT 1826, TN; m. CAROLINE SMITH, September 11, 1862, Blount Co. AL. Joseph appears on the 1850 Floyd Co. GA census with his parents and a woman named Duskey Burgess. Her placement on the list suggested she may be his wife. Marriage records for Floyd Co. show a marriage for a Joseph Burgess to a Ladnakey Early in 1840. Whoever she was, she is gone from the census by 1860.
ELIZABETH BURGESS, b. ABT 1828, TN; m. ABSOLUM HELMS, September 20, 1860, Blount Co. AL. She appears on the census in Blount Co. AL in 1870.


William Madison Burgess, born 15 May 1822 in SC; died 19 June 1899 in Howard, AR. He married Caroline (Kary) Ann Gray about 1849. Children
Pleasant Monroe Burgess, born Abt. 1824 in TN; died Bef. 1866 in Umpire, Howard, AR. He married Elvira Meggs Abt. 1845 in GA/AL. Children
Joseph Montgomery Burgess, born 07 December 1825 in Bledsoe, TN; died 30 July 1897 in Umpire, Howard, AR. He married Martha E. Faulkner 11 December 1849 in Cherokee, AL, daughter of Hiram Faulkner and Lavena Brown. Children
Franklin Burgess, born Abt. 1830 in TN. He married Elmira Bef. 1860.
Sarah Burgess, born Abt. 1832 in TN.
Nimrod Burgess, born Abt. 1833 in TN; died Bef. 1870. He married Elizabeth Abt. 1859.
Rhoda A. Burgess, born Abt. 1835 in AL. She married Cyremius Oliver Abt. 1854.
Jane Burgess, born Abt. 1837 in AL. She married William Richardson Abt. 1860.
Mary Burgess, born Abt. 1839 in AL.
William R. Burgess, born Abt. 1845 in AL.

4th Generation
MARTHA BURGESS, b. ABT 1837, Floyd Co. GA.
MARY BURGESS, b. ABT 1841, Floyd Co. GA.
WILLIAM C. BURGESS, b. ABT 1844, Floyd Co. GA.
Jabeth Burgess and Family
Jabeth and Family
About 1897: back - Sarah Melvina "Vina", Emma, middle (standing) - Taylor, John, seated - Mary, Jabe
JABETH ALEXANDER BURGESS, b. April 11, 1844, Cave Springs, Floyd Co. GA; m. MARY ANN HARTLINE at Alpine, Cherokee Co., AL, March 3, 1870. She was the daughter of George Washington Hartline and Nancy D, Mobley. Jabe enlisted as a Private in Company K, 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A. in 1864 in Dalton GA. He was wounded at Atlanta on July 28, 1864 and was home on furlough at the time of the surrender in 1865. In the late 1880's, they moved to Fort Payne, DeKalb Co., Alabama, they lived in Rising Fawn, Dade Co., Georgia prior to this. After their move to Fort Payne in the 1880's, they lived near the intersection of Hwys. 11 and 35 where there is now a WalMart Shopping Center located. A story relayed to me by a cousin, is that a little creek near their home, washed their little house away and the family woke up during the night, and barely kept from getting swept away by the flood, but a kerosene lamp had continued to burn as the house floated down the hollow until the house crashed. Then the light went out and left the family homeless. Of course, this was a flash flood. After this incident, the family moved to the Cunningham farm which was always called the "Flat Woods." This was located off Hwy 35, where Hardees Restaurant is now located. In 1907 he was residing in Ft. Payne, Dekalb Co. AL. They later moved to Valley Head, DeKalb Co., AL, where they lived until Jabe's death on March 3, 1926. Jabe is buried at Glenwood Cemetery, Fort Payne, DeKalb Co., AL beside his wife and a number of other relatives. (His wound from the Civil War became infected and was known to be the cause of his death.) In November 1994, there was a special ceremony at the Glenwood Cemetery, by Sons of the Confederate Veterans honoring him for his Civil War service. Details and photos courtesty of Alma.
SUSAN BURGESS, b. ABT 1848, Floyd Co. GA.
THOMAS BURGESS, b. ABT 1849, Floyd Co. GA.
Children of SMITH BURGESS and SARAH (BURGESS) are:
DELILA BURGESS, b. ABT 1831, TN; m. ARCHIBALD COPELAND. Archibald served in the Civil War in the 28th AL Infantry Regiment C.S.A.
JOSEPH BURGESS was born ABT 1837 in GA. He married NANCY ELIZABETH SUTTLE. He was living in Cullman Co. AL in 1880. Children
JACKSON BURGESS, b. ABT 1839. Jackson appears on a muster roll for Company K, 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment. His name is given as Jackson Burgis and says he enlisted in Blountsville AL.
WILLIAM BURGESS was born September 9, 1843 in Floyd Co. Ga., and died 1915 in Cullman Co. AL. He married MARTHA MALINDA BRASEAL February 15, 1868 in Blount Co., AL. William enlisted as a private in Company K, 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment at Huntsville on August 10, 1861. He was wounded at the Battle of Shilo. William served with the 19th until he was discharged on May 26, 1865. By 1880 he is living in Cullman Co. AL. Children William Burgess


Children of JOHN BURGESS and RACHEL SMITH are:

Elizabeth Shelton Elizabeth Source STEPHEN SMITH BURGESS, b. August 1, 1832, TN; d. December 13, 1911, Lonoke Co. Ark.; m. ELIZABETH SHELTON, July 29, 1862, Blount Co., AL. Stephen Smith Burgess escaped service in the Civil War because his occupation running a saw mill was crucial to the war effort. During the war he made spokes for wagon wheels. In the winter of 1887 he took his family and moved to Lonoke Co. AR. Children Stephen Smith Burgess Stephen Source
GEORGE ROBERT BURGESS was born ABT 1835 in Floyd Co. GA, and died 1863. He married ELIZA NATION December 23, 1856 in Blount Co., AL. George Robert Burgess enlisted in the Confederate Army. His service record shows that he enlisted Aug.16, 1861 in the 3rd Tennessee Cavalry at Gadsden AL. This was Col. Forrest's Regt. and A. S. Truitt's company. He appears on the muster roll at Camp Forrest on Oct.6, 1861. His enlistment was for a period of 12 months. The service record also states that he had to travel a distance of 300 miles to reach the muster point (Camp Forrest) and that his horse is valued at $160.00. Taken from Confederate service record of George R. Burgess. He also appears on the Blount Co. Confederate soldiers census taken from the Commissioners Court minutes book (1862-1880), page 20, dated Jan.6, 1862. The census states that he is 28 years old and has a wife named Elizabeth, 26 yrs. old, and a daughter Mary, 1 yr. old, and that they ask for no aid at the present time. His occupation before the war is given as a miller. He is reported to have died in 1863, but the cause and location is unknown. Children

JANE BURGESS, b. ABT 1836, GA; m. EDMUND R. HENDRIX, July 29, 1858, Blount Co., AL.

SCINTHIA LEE BURGESS, b. ABT 1838, Cave Springs, Floyd Co. Ga.; m. WILLIAM B HARTGRAVES, August 16, 1857, Blount Co., AL. William served in Company B, 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment as the Brigade Blacksmith for the duration of the war. William was born in January of 1829 in Alabama and died sometime after 1902 possibly in Arkansas. He may have married M. E. FULGHUM on 17 Dec 1893 in Lonoke Co., Arkansas and he may have been living in an Old Confederate's Home in Pulaski county in 1900. William's parents are believed to be CALEB HARTGRAVES and ELIZABETH BARTON.
William Hartgraves William Hartgraves
A grandchild of William and Cynthia's related the following, she believed that William B. Hartgraves and his wife Cynthia had separated in later years. The gins couldn't separate bolls from cotton, so after picking the cotton they brought it back to the house. Cynthia and the children were sitting by the fire pulling the bolls out the cotton then throwing them in the fire. Cynthia was called away from the house, leaving the children working by the fire. Somehow the family cat got too close, caught on fire, ran through the house, setting it on fire. By the time Cynthia returned, the house had burned to the ground.

The children of Scinthia and William are: MARGARET ELIZABETH was born 15 Aug 1858, and died 1931 in Blountsville, Alabama. She married JACOB ALLEN LATTA on 19 Mar 1882 in Blount Co., Alabama. He was born 1840, and died 1904 is buried in Graves Cemetery. Maggie was Jacob's third wife, the first two wives were older and produced no offspring; ETTA was born about 1860. She married (1) JOHN GLOVER. She married (2) UNKNOWN. Etta and her sister Mary were twins; MARY was also born about 1860. She married (1) FRANK SHELTON. She married (2) HARVEY TIMS in 1912; JACK was born about 1864, and died in Birmingham, Alabama. He married UNKNOWN GUNN.

Becky Hartgraves
Becky Hartgraves
REBECCA JANE HARTGRAVES was born 1868 in Blount Co., Alabama, and died 1932. She married LEVI EATON BAILEY. He was born 1870 in Michigan, and died 1945; NELLY HARTGRAVES born about 1869; WILLIAM B., JR. born about 1870, Alabama; died about 1948 Jefferson Co., Alabama. Married REBECCA M. born about 1878, died 1936; MARTHA born about 1873;
CALIP ASHBROOK HARTGRAVES was born 23 Jan 1874 in Hanceville, Blount Co., Alabama, and died Jun 1950 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas. He married ALTA TOOMIS MORGAN on 1 Sep 1899 in Whiterock or Bonham, Texas, daughter of WILLIAM H. MORGAN and SARENA REBECCA PILKINTON. Alta was born 20 Oct 1881 in Texas, and died 18 Apr 1969 in Granbury, Hood County, Texas. Around 1888, when he was 14, Calip helped a neighbor move to Arkansas and never returned to Alabama. Photos and Hargraves information courtesy of Linda Sartin. Contact Linda.   Calip and Alta
John F. Burgess JOHN FRANKLIN BURGESS was born ABT 1841 in Floyd Co. GA, and died in AL. He married ELIZA M. HUDSON November 5, 1868 in Blount Co., AL. John F. Burgess enlisted as a private in Company K of the 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment CSA on August 12, 1861 for a period of three years. The place of enlistment was Blountsville AL. In January of 1864 he was employed on extra duty as a teamster in Dalton Georgia. On May 2, 1865 he was paroled along with his Regiment in Salisbury N.C. The parole followed the surrender of the Confederate forces under General Joseph E. Johnston. From Confederate service record of John F. Burgess. Photos courtesy of Diane Bryant. Children Eliza Hudson
MARY ELIZABETH BURGESS, b. ABT 1843, Floyd Co. Ga.; m. WILL I. CORVIN, January 12, 1873, Blount Co., AL.
REBECCA BURGESS, b. ABT 1845, Floyd Co. Ga.; d. 1891, Blount Co., AL; m. JOHN THOMAS MARTIN SMITH, November 16, 1875, Blount Co., AL.
WILLIAM D. BURGESS, b. ABT 1848, Floyd Co. Ga.;. Aft. 1880, AL. William's middle name may have been Davis. Information from a land record which was signed by a Davis Burgess along with the signatures of William's siblings.
FRANKLIN BURGESS, b. ABT 1850, Floyd Co. Ga.; d. December 23, 1870, Blount Co., AL. Franklin Burgess(Frank) was killed Dec. 23, 1870 by a Lewis Ketchum. Ketchum was taken from the jail by a party of disguised men on the night of Dec. 25, and killed. Information came from the diary of Solomon Palmer, a long time resident of Blountsville.
Obedience "Biddie" Burgess was born November 1854 in Floyd Co., GA and died before 1905 in Blount Co., AL. She was married June 20, 1875 in Blount Co., AL to William Taylor Dutton who was born October 1851 in Floyd Co., GA(?) and died April 1, 1928 in Hatchel, Runnels Co., TX(?). The death date of Obedience is based on information from other researchers. It has yet to be confirmed. It has been reported that she is buried next to mother and that her twin sister Sarah is buried on the other side of their mother. There are not any markers on either of the twins graves. It seems she did not care for her name Obedience. Her name is generally given as Biddy, Bid, Obida, or Obedia. Her true name was taken from the record of her marriage.
SARAH "SALLIE" BURGESS, b. November 1854, Floyd Co. Ga.; m. PATE PERRY SELF, June 8, 1876, Blount Co., AL.


Thomas Sidney Burgess, born 10 February 1864 in TN; died 19 September 1948 in Howard, AR. He married (1) Nancy Ida Young 04 January 1884 in Howard, AR. He married (2) Alice Reeder Aft. 1916 in AR. Children
William M. Burgess, born 1870; died 1922 in Howard, AR. He married Hester L. Dalrymple 20 February 1890 in Howard, AR. Children


Jemima Burgess, born Abt. 1846 in GA.
Joseph C. Burgess, born Abt. 1848 in AL; died Aft. 1920. He married Sarah E. Bef. 1877. Children
Lloyd F. Burgess, born Abt. 1850 in AL.
James Isic (Monk) Burgess, born Abt. 1854 in AL; died 16 June 1923 in Battiest, McCurtain, OK. He married Elizabeth J. Abt. 1881. Children


Thomas Burgess, born 22 March 1851 in Cherokee, AL; died 28 November 1914 in Shilow, Howard, AR. He married Nancy Ann Hase 16 July 1876 in Howard, AR. Children
Martha J. Burgess, born 15 March 1853 in Cherokee, AL; died 09 May 1927 in Gillham, Sevier, AR. She married John Preston Ross Abt. 1871 in Polk?, AR. They had the following children: Joseph Johnson Ross, born 28 December 1873 in Howard, AR; died 18 May 1925 in Wickes, Howard, AR.; James G. Ross, born 26 January 1876 in Howard, AR; died 18 March 1952 in Gillham, Sevier, AR; William N. Ross, born April 1878 in Howard, AR; died in Broken Bow, OK; Edgar A. Ross, born 02 August 1880 in Howard, AR; died 30 May 1908 in Gillham, Sevier, AR; Mary Ross, born 1885 in Howard, AR; died 1908 in Gillham, Sevier, AR. Fannie Lettie Ross, born 1888 in Howard, AR. She married J. T. Flanagin 22 December 1908 in Sevier, AR; Booker T. Ross, born 1890 in Howard, AR; died in Gillham, Sevier, AR; Henry Collins Ross, born 12 June 1896 in Howard, AR; died 12 August 1903 in Gillham, Sevier, AR.

James and Mary Burgess
James Burgess, born 10 October 1855 in Cherokee, AL; died 05 March 1926 in El Dorado, Union, AR. He married Mary Margaret Parker 10 January 1884 in Howard, AR, daughter of Franklin Parker and Sarah Buck. Photo courtesy of Linda. Children

Nancy Melvina Burgess, born 19 May 1857 in Cherokee, AL; died in Oil Center, Pontotoc?, OK. She married James M Pannell 26 April 1877 in Howard, AR. Their children are: William Thomas J. Pannell, born June 1878 in Howard, AR; Joseph R. Pannell, born September 1880. He married Dora Abt. 1906 in AR; Martha J. Pannell, born August 1882 in Howard, AR; Mary A. Pannell, born November 1884 in Howard, AR; Lona C. Pannell, born March 1887 in Howard, AR; Andrew B. Pannell, born December 1888 in Howard, AR; George S. Pannell, born August 1891 in Howard, AR; James A. Pannell, born May 1895 in Howard, AR; Fannie D. Pannell, born April 1898 in Howard, AR.
William Daniel Burgess, born 06 September 1859 in Cherokee, AL; died 21 February 1915 in Smithville, McCurtain, OK. He married Mollie (Mary) J. Ross 21 January 1888 in Howard, AR. Children
Andrew J. Burgess, born 16 December 1862 in Cherokee, AL; died 20 September 1921 in Umpire, Howard, AR.
Franklin Addison Burgess, born 30 April 1866 in Howard, AR; died 22 May 1941 in Umpire, Howard, AR. He married (1) Sarah A. Harrison 19 December 1889 in Howard, AR. He married (2) Margaret Lula King 25 October 1896 in Howard, AR. Children
Julia Ann Burgess, born September 1869 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 03 June 1944 in Umpire, Howard, AR. She married Francis (Frank) Marion Pitts 24 January 1907 in Howard, AR. Their child is: Ethel Lee Pitts, born 27 June 1908 in Mineola, Howard, AR.
Mary A. Burgess, born 30 August 1872 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 09 September 1873 in Umpire, Howard, AR.
Margrett E. Burgess, born 30 August 1872 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 28 July 1950 in Hugo, Choctaw, OK. She married (1) J. E. Seals 06 October 1889 in Howard, AR. She married (2) William Harvey Grimes 16 February 1890 in Nashville, Howard, AR. Children of Margaret and William are: Walter Joseph Grimes, born 27 March 1891 in Honey Grove, Fannin, TX; died 18 August 1970 in Hugo, Choctaw, OK. He married (1) Edna Harmon. He married (2) Nicey Moses 1912; Lee Lela Maggie Grimes, born 10 August 1893; died 26 January 1977 in TX. She married (1) Lon Keel in Honey Grove, Fannin, TX. She married (2) John S. Light. She married (3) Leedbetter; Florence Grimes, born 1900 in Grant, Choctaw, OK; died in TX. She married Tom Keel; Lola Mae Grimes, born 19 June 1902 in Grant, Choctaw, OK. She married (1) Lee Roy Sparks. She married (2) Lewis Redding; Mary Viola Grimes, born 1905 in Grant, Choctaw, OK; died 1974 in TX. She married Shield Lane; Meva Grimes, born 1909 in Grant, Choctaw, OK. She married John Avera.
Sarah Francis (Fanny) Burgess, born 09 October 1875 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 22 May 1968 in Umpire, Howard, AR. She married Jordan A. Morris 30 September 1915 in Umpire, Howard, AR. Their child is Grady Densell Morris, born 14 February 1917 in Umpire, Howard, AR.

5th Generation
WILLIAM THOMAS BURGESS, b. ABT 1865; m. LAURA DELLA GORHAM, November 21, 1886. He is buried in Holly Pond Cemetery.
MARTHA M. BURGESS, b. ABT 1868; m. MANUEL P. LEWIS, September 13, 1883.

JAMES R. BURGESS, b. ABT 1869, GA; m. NANCY E. DAVIS, January 1, 1891.
SARAH A. BURGESS, b. ABT 1871; m. HENDERSON E. WATTS, December 22, 1888.
JOHN H. BURGESS, b. ABT 1872; m. DELILA E. WISENER, October 2, 1892.
MARGARET H. BURGESS, b. ABT 1875; m. LEANDER WATTS, February 9, 1890.
WILLIAM L. BURGESS, b. ABT 1877; m. MARY E. COFFMAN, December 19, 1895.

Martha Burgess Martha Source MARTHA A. BURGESS, b. July 9, 1863, Blount Co., AL; d. March 2, 1957, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR. She married William Ed White on October 1889 in Lonoke Co., AR.
MARY JANE BURGESS, b. February 15, 1865, Blount Co. AL; d. June 1902, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR.
FRANCES REBECCA BURGESS, b. April 19, 1866, Blount Co. AL; d. February 17, 1950, Blount Co. AL. She married William Dee Thomas on December 9, 1886 in Blount Co., AL. Frances Burgess Frances Source
Seymour Burgess Seymour Source SEYMOUR B. BURGESS, b. January 21, 1868, Blount Co. AL; d. May 23, 1957, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR. He married Sally E. Purnell on August 19, 1887 in Lonoke Co., AR.
ELECTOR ADELAER BURGESS, b. December 5, 1869, Blount Co. AL; d. 1952, Blount Co. AL. She married Henry Jackson Thomas on January 14, 1885 in Blount Co., AL. Elector Burgess Elector Source
John Burgess John Source JOHN HENRY BURGESS, b. March 25, 1871, Blount Co. AL; d. June 12, 1927, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR. John married Alice Reid on December 22, 1894 in Lonoke Co., AR.
ROBERT CLAYTON BURGESS, b. August 10, 1874, Blount Co. AL; d. February 1914, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR. He married Annes Purnell on June 11, 1895 in Lonoke Co., AR. Robert Burgess Robert Source
Stephen Burgess Jr. Stephen Source STEPHEN SMITH JR. BURGESS, b. March 29, 1879, Blount Co. AL; d. September 29, 1928, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR. Stephen married Effie Heffner on December 3, 1911 in Lonoke Co., AR. She was born there on September 4, 1895 and died there on May 12, 1982.
PATTY PIERCE BURGESS, b. May 27, 1880, Blount Co. AL; d. April 10, 1960, Little Rock, Pulaski Co., AR of a heart attack. He married MARY ELIZABETH GILLIAM on August 25, 1905 in Gum Springs, Blount Co., AL. She was the daugher of WILLIAM GILLIAM AND EMMA MELVIN. Patty Burgess and Family
DAVID FRANKLIN BURGESS, b. October 31, 1882, Blount Co. AL; d. 1896, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR.
Edward and Edna EDWARD LEE BURGESS, b. August 7, 1887, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR; d. January 2, 1950, Prothro Junction, Pulaski Co., AR. He married EDNA MAE GILLIAM July 2, 1909 in Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR, daughter of WILLIAM GILLIAM and EMMA MELVIN. Edward Lee was killed during a convict man hunt in his home at Protho Junction, North Little Rock, AR by Arkansas State Police.
Newspaper article in 4 January 1950 edition of Arkansas Democrat and Gazette. AN INNOCENT VICTIM OF CRIME. Convicts escaped from Tucker prison and the police and officers from the prison would not listen to a Lonoke County Sheriff Joe Melton when he told them that Edward Burgess was alone in his house. They may have thought that the convicts were in the house and held him against his will. The police opened fire and shot the house full of holes. The convicts were not there and never had been. They killed Edward Lee Burgess. The house was burned 2 days later by the police, some say to cover up what they did. Lee had a stroke at the age of 39 on his left side. Edward Lee and Edna Mae are buried at Hicks Cemetery, Lonoke Co., AR. Located 9 miles north of Lonoke and 3 miles west of Highway 31, on Mr. Tabor road. Photos and research on this line contributed by Nancy Mountain. Children


Children of JOHN BURGESS and ELIZA HUDSON are:
RICHARD BURGESS, b. 1871, AL; d. 1952, AL; m. RONNIE BLACK.


Sarah Carolyn Burgess. She married Claud Courtney.
Burgess, born 09 July 1885.
Acy Lawrence Burgess, born 1886. He married Corrie Mae Chandler. Child
Annie Lee Burgess, born 03 April 1889. She married (1) Jim Potter. She married (2) John A. Copeland 25 December 1907 in Howard, AR.
Frankie Emma Burgess, born 03 April 1889; died 31 March 1950. She married James Arthur Duckett 02 October 1909 in Howard, AR.
Ida Ola Burgess, born 01 March 1891; died 08 August 1892 in Howard, AR.
Lessie Samantha Burgess, born 02 May 1893. She married William Toland Compton 19 December 1915 in Howard, AR.
Thomas Marcellus Burgess, born 10 November 1895. He married (1) Vera Mae Clegg. He married (2) Ona Mae Porterfield.
Sidney M. Burgess, born 1896 in AR.


William E. Burgess, born 1892 in Howard.
John C. Burgess, born Abt. 1898 in Howard.
George Burgess, born Abt. 1904 in Howard.
Margia Burgess, born Abt. 1907 in Howard.


Joseph R. Burgess, born Abt. 1877 in AR. He married Mary (Mollie) Alexander 10 October 1897 in Howard, AR. Children
John F. Burgess, born Abt. 1880 in AR. He married Ida Hobby 13 February 1898 in Howard, AR.
James A. Burgess, born Abt. 1883 in AR. He married Lina. Children
Thomas E. Burgess, born Abt. 1886 in AR.


Eugene Stanfield Burgess, born 17 February 1882; died 12 September 1952 in Willits, Mendicino, CA. He married Esther Estell Whitsell.
Sara Elvira Burgess, born 10 February 1884; died 28 February 1951 in Broken Bow, McCurtain, OK.
Charlie A. Burgess, born 28 January 1886; died 17 December 1949 in Battiest, McCurtain, OK.
Jemima Caroline (Callie) Burgess, born 25 October 1888; died 26 June 1974 in Purcell, McClain, OK. She married Major A. Wakeley 08 July 1906 in Howard, AR. Their child is James Clarence Wakley, born 16 February 1914 in Mineola, Howard, AR; died 23 September 1982 in Mission Hills, Los Angeles, CA.
Joseph C. Burgess, born 1891.
Henry O. Burgess, born 20 October 1893; died 09 January 1951 in Battiest, McCurtain, OK.
Curtis Thomas Burgess, born 26 February 1897; died 19 May 1929.
Mary Etta Burgess, born 30 June 1900; died 09 March 1982.


Mary Jane Burgess, born Abt. 1877 in Howard, AR.
Elizabeth Burgess, born Abt. 1879 in Howard, AR.
Sarah F. Burgess, born 23 October 1880; died 29 April 1900 in Howard, AR.
Thomas H. Burgess, born 1881 in Howard, AR. He married Mary A. (Burgess). Children
James M. Burgess, born 1882 in Howard, AR.
Dora A. Burgess, born Abt. 1885 in Howard, AR. She married W. A. Hawkins 07 November 1901 in Howard, AR.
Franklin Burgess, born Abt. 1887 in Howard, AR.
Jane M. Burgess, born Abt. 1890 in Howard, AR.
Julia E. Burgess, born Abt. 1892 in Howard, AR.
Margaret Burgess, born Abt. 1895 in Howard, AR.
Lawrence H. Burgess, born Abt. 1899 in Howard, AR.


Photos on this line courtesty of Linda
James Oscar Burgess James Oscar Burgess, born 08 August 1885 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 17 October 1918 in Bartlesville, Washington, OK. He married Allie Crowder 16 October 1904 in AR. Children
Emmett Andrew Burgess, born 29 December 1886 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 07 September 1952 in Robert Lee, Coke, TX. He married Gertrude Gertie Vanhorn 17 May 1914 in Maxwell, Pontotoc, OK. Children
Jesse Austin Burgess, born 18 November 1888 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 09 August 1952 in El Dorado, Union, AR. He married (1) Vinnie Myrtle Meek 09 November 1913 in Ada, Pontotoc, OK, daughter of James Meek and Mary Pointer. He married (2) Nannie A. Primm 1950 in Union, AR.Children Vinnie, Pauline, Jesse Burgess Vinnie, Mary Pauline and Jesse
Archa Virginia Burgess, born 06 March 1890 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 30 June 1891 in Umpire, Howard, AR.
Grace Ora Burgess, born 07 February 1892 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 08 February 1978 in El Dorado, Union, AR. She married (1) Jimmy Milton Connell in El Dorado, Union, AR. She married (2) Marcus L. Cook in El Dorado, Union, AR. She married (3) Wade Hampton Blankenship 03 December 1909 in Umpire, Howard, AR. She married (4) Clarence E. Pickering 05 October 1921 in El Dorado, Union, AR. Child of Grace Burgess and Jimmy Connell is: Herbert Edward (adopted) Connell, born 23 August 1924 in El Dorado, Union, AR.
Sarah Ethel Burgess, born 07 February 1894 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 09 December 1972 in El Dorado, Union, AR. She married James Bede Pickering 09 April 1916 in AR. Their children are: Wood Bede Pickering, born 07 January 1917; died 05 April 1973 in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX. He married (1) Z A. He married (2) Hazel Ruth Duke 05 January 1963 in Hobbs, Lea, NM; James Tullis Pickering, born 23 May 1919; died 11 June 1944 in Italy.
Tullis Guy Burgess, born 12 February 1896 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 24 March 1950 in El Dorado, Union, AR. He married Mary Wealtha Goode 04 July 1938 in El Dorado, Union, AR.
William Otis Burgess William Otis Burgess, born 05 July 1898 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 23 September 1983 in El Dorado, Union, AR. He married Ethel Payne 22 September 1922 in Bartlesville, Washington, Oklahoma. Child
Loner Nolus Burgess, born 05 July 1898 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 29 December 1930 in El Dorado, Union, AR.
Fay Hempstead Burgess, born 14 October 1900 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 17 June 1976 in El Dorado, Union, AR. He married Gladys Faye Newton 25 December 1926. Children Faye Burgess
Annie Cora Burgess, born 02 January 1904 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 15 February 1982 in Bowling Green, KY. She married Roland O. Durham 01 October 1922 in Bartlesville, Washington, OK. Their child is Mary Ann Durham, born in Bartlesville, Washington, OK.


Harvey Eugene (Henry) Burgess, born 25 November 1889 in Howard, AR; died 18 February 1978 in Langley, Pike, AR. He married Ms. 24 December 1919 in Langley, Pike, AR. Child
Annie Pearl Burgess, born October 1891 in Howard, AR; died in San Antonio, Bexar, TX. She married Ezra Herron.
William Hugh Burgess, born November 1892 in Howard, AR. He married Gladys Storm.
Benjamin Wade Burgess, born April 1894 in Howard, AR; died in Paul's Valley, Garvin, OK. He married Ida Lester.
Nannie Emma Burgess, born July 1896 in Howard, AR; died in Wilson, OK. She married Henry Lester.


Claude D. Burgess, born Abt. 1898 in Howard, AR.
William B. Burgess, born 17 May 1900 in Howard, AR; died 26 July 1972 in Athens, Howard, AR. He married Elva.
George King Burgess, born Abt. 1904 in Howard, AR.
Rissie D. Burgess, born Abt. 1908 in Howard, AR. She married A. L. Snowden 22 July 1936 in Howard, AR.

6th Generation
ISSAC WILBURN EDWARD BURGESS, b. January 2, 1911; d. March 11, 1911, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR.
Ella and Vernon EMMA ELLA MAE BURGESS, b. February 27, 1915, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR; m. VERNON MERIWEATHER, December 5, 1930.
G.W. Burgess, b. December 25, 1916, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR; d. July 10, 1973, Kansis City, Wyandotte Co., KS; m. CLEDA LORENE HOGAN, December 17, 1938, Jonesboro, Craighead Co., AR. According to his daughter G.W. was his given name in 1944 they insisted that he have a full name so he named himself George William. G.W. and Cleda Burgess
RUBERT LEE BURGESS, b. December 24, 1917, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR; d. August 1923, Lonoke, Lonoke Co., AR.
DOLLIE MARIE BURGESS, b. September 9, 1921, Austin, Lonoke Co., AR; d. May 23, 1991, Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO; m. ANDREW ROCHUS JR. BATLINER, May 5, 1951. Dollie Burgess

Lowell Burgess, born 1908.


Carey A. Burgess, born Abt. 1899 in AR.
Joseph C. Burgess, born Abt. 1900 in AR.
Henry L. Burgess, born Abt. 1902 in AR.
Jesse R. Burgess, born Abt. 1904 in AR.
Archie Burgess, born Abt. 1906 in AR.


Grace Burgess, born Abt. 1904. She married Herbert King 23 December 1919.
Homer Burgess, born Abt. 1906.
Ozie Burgess, born Abt. 1908.
Fletcher Burgess, born Abt. 1910.
Cecil Burgess, born Abt. 1913.
Icie Burgess, born Abt. 1916.
Lorence Burgess, born Abt. 1918.


Howard H. Burgess, born Abt. 1907 in Mayes?, OK.
Bryant L. Burgess, born Abt. 1908 in Mayes?, OK.
Luciel Burgess, born Abt. 1909 in Mayes?, OK.


Jessie Lois Burgess, born 24 December 1905 in Umpire, Howard, AR. She married Murriel Jackson Bennett 25 March 1947.
Opal Burgess, born 10 May 1907 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 15 January 1908 in Umpire, Howard, AR.
Clarence Odell Burgess, born 02 December 1908 in Umpire, Howard, AR; died 18 June 1910 in Umpire, Howard, AR.
Ruby Burgess, born 14 July 1910 in Umpire, Howard, AR. She married Earl Grinstead 19 May 1960.
Obie L. Burgess, born 12 October 1911 in Cove, Polk, AR; died December 1980 in Durango, La Plata, CO. He married Junith Shumake 12 July 1939.
Mary Henderson Burgess, born 20 December 1912 in Cove, Polk, AR. She married Roy Rutherford 04 November 1934.
James T. Burgess, born 01 January 1917 in Dearing, Montgomery, KS. He married Margueritte Kirkland 01 December 1956.


Denzel Laveral Burgess, born 29 June 1915 in Maxwell, Pontotoc, OK; died 26 March 1995 in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX. She married Oren Fletcher 25 July 1936 in Sanco, Coke, TX. Their children are: Joyce Laveral Fletcher; Annabelle Fletcher, born in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX; Shirley Rue Fletcher, born in Robert Lee, Coke, TX; Oren Dwain Fletcher, born 19 September 1943 in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX; died 06 October 1995 in TX; Billy Randall Fletcher, born in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX.
Burgess, born 1916 in Maxwell, Pontotoc, Oklahoma; died 1916 in Maxwell, Pontotoc, Oklahoma. Allean Burgess, born 30 March 1918 in Strattford, Garvin, OK. She married J. G. Snow 23 October 1937. Their children are: James Andrew Snow, born in Robert Lee, Coke, TX; Thomas Wayne Snow, born in Tucson, Pima, AZ; Wanda Jaylene Snow, born in El Paso, El Paso, TX; Douglas Wynn Snow, born in Tucson, Pima, AZ.
Jessie Faye Burgess, born 16 November 1920 in Bartlesville, Washington, OK. She married (1) R. Carl Brock 05 December 1942 in Robert Lee, Coke, TX. She married (2) Leon Russell 17 January 1970 in Robert Lee, Coke, TX. Children of Jessie and R. Brock are: Larry (adopted) Brock, born in El Paso, El Paso, TX.; Jon Bill (adopted) Brock, born in San Angelo, Tom Green, TX.
Madine Burgess, born in Bartlesville, Washington, OK.
Gertie Mae Burgess, born 03 October 1925 in Bartlesville, Washington, OK; died 27 December 1962 in Brownwood, Brown, TX. She married Bill A. Lloyd 14 December 1947 in San Angelo, Coke, TX. Their children are: Linda Sue Lloyd, born in Austin, Travis, TX; Michael A. Lloyd, born in Austin, Travis, TX.; Jacklyn Jan Lloyd, born 29 August 1956 in Brownwood, Brown, TX; died 30 August 1956 in Brownwood, Brown, TX; Melissa Ann Lloyd, born in Brownwood, Brown, TX. She married (1) Robert Michael Davis. She married (2) Gary Lynn Irons.


Mary Pauline Burgess, born 28 October 1914 in Maxwell, Pontotoc, OK. She married Buel Abner Whiteley 21 December 1932 in Robert Lee, Coke, TX. Their children are: Conrad Buel Whiteley, born 02 December 1934 in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, TX; died 09 April 1963 in Bitburg, Germany; Jo Ann Whiteley, born in Ft. Worth, Tarrant, TX.
Jessie Rae Burgess, born 14 May 1923 in Robert Lee, Coke, Texas. She married Doyle Dewell Franks in El Dorado, Union, Arkansas, son of William Franks and Ellen Borsenberger. Their children are: Randall Dwayne Franks, born in ElDorado, Union, Arkansas; Waldron Dale Franks, born in El Dorado, Union, Arkansas. He married Jimmie Suzanne Prichett in Eureka Springs, Carroll, Arkansas; Richard Duran Franks, born in El Dorado, Union, Arkansas; Lisa Ann Franks, born in El Dorado, Union, Arkansas.
Johnnie Laveral Burgess, born in Coke, TX. She married (1) Eddy Clark. She married (2) James Ralph Tanner 21 December 1947 in El Dorado, Union, AR. Children of Johnnie Burgess and James Tanner are: Gary James Tanner, born in El Dorado, Union, AR; Paula Jo Tanner, born in Memphis, Shelby, TN.
Jimmie Lois Burgess, born in Coke, TX. She married Charles Frank Sinclair in El Dorado, Union, AR. Their children are: Jimmie Lynne Sinclair, in El Dorado, Union, AR; Mary Leslie Sinclair, in Meridian, Lauderdale, MS. She married Mark Brian Wehrmann in Irving, Dallas, TX.

Child of William Burgess and Ethel Payne

Burgess born Aft. September 1922; died Bef. 1930.

Children of Fay Burgess and Gladys Newton

Jo Ann Burgess, born in El Dorado, Union, AR. She married Aaron Vance Beebe. Their children are: Michael Vance Beebe, born in El Dorado, Union, AR; David E. Beebe, born in El Dorado, Union, AR; J. Richard Beebe, born in El Dorado, Union, AR.
James Frank Burgess,, born 13 December 1933 in El Dorado, Union, AR; died 30 April 1985 in Magnolia, Columbia, AR.

Child of Harvey and Ms. Burgess

Elsie Burgess. She married Mr. White.

Picture Source: "The Burgess Family" - by Myrtle Burgess Justice

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