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Unknown Burns
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Contributed by Patsy Carter Garrison

The Burns Family Reunion 1999 will be held on Saturday, 09 Oct 1999 at Rickwood Caverns. The reunion will be held at the same place as the Grave Marker Dedication in May 1999. There are camping facilities and other amenities in the area which are listed on Alabama State maps and in all the camping books.

1st Generation
Charles Burns Sr. was born about 1720 in Scotland(?) and died 1789 in Marrow Bone Creek, Henry Co., VA. He married about [1] 1745 in VA(?) Mary Webb who was born about 1724 in VA(?) and died after 1795 in VA(?). Mary was the daughter of Merry Webb Sr. and Elizabeth. He married [2] ANN REA 1779 in Henry Co. VA. Ann was the daughter of James Rea and Johnna Callings. Charles divorced his first wife. He apparently had no children with his second wife. It has been reported that all six of his sons fought in the Revolutionary War. He was buried near Martinsville, Henry Co. VA.

2nd Generation
Alexander Burns Sr. was born about 1747 in VA and died November 1829 in Blount Springs, Blount Co., AL. He was married September 7, 1779 in Wilkes County NC to Mary Ellen Roach who was born about 1746 in NC and died December 1829 in Blount Springs, Blount Co., AL. Alexander fought in the Revolutionary war. Passages from "The Burns Family History- 1894" by Calvin Alex Burns (1826 - 1896) are quoted in an article on the Burns Cemetery in Rickwood Caverns State Park. "Our grandather and grandmother Burns had lived....... in their little home on the mountainside contented with their lot, were warmhearted, religious old people, until the Fall of 1829 when they were about 80 years old, they were both stricken down with pleurisy or pneumonia, and our grandfather died about November and our grandmother about Christmas. They were both buried near their little home, which is now a beautiful cedar grove. At the same graveyard, our Uncle Alex, Aunt Crecy, their daughter Eliza, and no doubt others of the family of Uncle Alex. Peace to their memory." Calvin Alex Burns, 1894. Children Headstone

JOHN ARTHUR BURNS, b. ABT 1751, VA.; d. January 29, 1805, Haywood Co. N.C.; m. ANN NICHOLAS, (Some sources give her maiden name as Walker) September 10, 1773, Henry Co. VA. John served in the Revolutionary War. His wife applied for a pension based on his service on Dec. 12, 1845 when she was 91 years old.



WILLIAM BURNS SR., b. ABT 1757, Henry Co. VA.; d. ABT 1853, Clay Co. KY. William was a veteran of the Revolutionary War. His occupation was a farmer and horse trader. He married abt. 1778 in Wilkes Co. N.C., but his wife's name is not known. He lived in VA. 1756-1778, N.C. 1778-1798, S.C. 1798-1807, and KY. 1807-1843.

ANN BURNS, b. ABT 1764, Henry Co. VA.; d. ABT 1782, Wilkes Co. N.C.; m. JOHN JETT.

SUSAN BURNS, b. ABT 1772, Henry Co. VA.; d. 1851, Clark Co. Mississippi; m. JOHN COSBY, Henry Co. VA. or Wilkes Co. N.C.

3rd Generation

AMOS BURNS, b. ABT 1780, Wilkes Co. N.C.; d. Aft. 1810, Pendleton District S.C. He and his brother Samuel stayed behind in S. C. when father and family moved to Rhea Co. Tn. He lost contact with his family.

SAMUEL BURNS, b. ABT 1781, Wilkes Co. N.C.; d. Aft. 1810, Pendleton District S.C. He stayed in S. C. when his father and family moved to Rhea Co. TN.


LEAH BURNS, b. ABT 1783.


MARY BURNS, b. ABT 1785, Henry Co. VA.; m. MACK ROBERTSON, ABT 1800, Pendleton District S.C.? Mary and her husband moved to Illinois abt. 1828 from either Rhea Co. Tn. or Blount Co. AL.

Alexander Burns II was born about 1786 in Henry Co., VA and died February 1852 in Blount/Walker Co., AL. He married about 1807 in Northern Georgia, Lucreatia "Creasy" Horton who was born about 1780 in Pendleton District SC and died about 1872 in Blount/Walker Co., AL. Her parents where John B. Horton and Anne Green. In 1860 Lucretia was living with the family of her daughter Olive Burns Thomas in Jefferson Co. AL. She is buried in Cedar Grove which is probably in Blount Co. AL. One researcher says that her mother's name was Ann Green. Children

JONATHAN SR. BURNS, b. February 8, 1790, 12 Mile Creek, Pendleton District S.C.; d. April 14, 1857, Blount Co., AL; m. (1) CATHERINE (BURNS); m. (2) MARTHA RICHARDS, November 15, 1815, Rhea Co. TN. John was a farmer, soldier, and pioneer. He fought in the Creek Indian Wars in AL. with Andrew Jackson. He also fought in the War of 1812. He moved to Rhea Co. TN. abt. 1810 and then to Blount Co. AL. in the fall of 1819. Martha was the daughter of John Richards. Her mother is unknown. Martha was buried at Thacker's Creek in Blount Co. AL.

STEPHEN BURNS SR., b. ABT 1792, 12 Mile Creek, Pendleton District S.C.; d. January 26, 1856, Blount Co., AL; m. MILLY JETT.

JANE BURNS, b. ABT 1793, 12 Mile Creek, Pendleton District S.C.; d. ABT 1860, Illinois ?; m. ALEX GLEN, ABT 1809, Pendleton District S.C.? Jane and her husband moved from Blount Co. AL. to Illinois about 1825.

3rd Generation

CHARLES BURNS, b. ABT 1808, Pendleton District S.C.

JOHN G. BURNS, b. ABT 1809, Pendleton District S.C.

ELIJA BURNS, b. ABT 1810, Rhea Co. TN. Elijah was the twin of Elisha.

ELISHA HENDRIX BURNS, b. ABT 1810, Rhea Co. TN.; m. SARAH(SALLIE) RICHARDS. Elisha was the twin of Elijah.




CALVIN BURNS, b. ABT 1814, Rhea Co. TN.; d. Bef. 1900, Winston Co. AL.; m. (1) MARY D. ALEXANDER; m. (2) MISSOURIE MALINDA HOLT, November 4, 1853, Jefferson Co. AL. Calvin Burns served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War as a member of Co. F, 1st Engineer Batt/Corps.

WADE C. BURNS, b. ABT 1815.


ALEXANDER H. BURNS, b. ABT 1819, Rhea Co. TN.; d. ABT 1897, Warrior, Jefferson Co. AL.; m. NANCY E. THOMAS, February 7, 1843, Blount Co., AL.

JONATHAN BURNS, b. ABT 1821. Jonathan died as an infant.

MILES BURNS, b. ABT 1822, Blount Co., AL; d. ABT 1822, Blount Co., AL.

Olive Burns was born June 22, 1827 in Blount/Walker Co., AL and died December 5, 1918 in Cullman Co., AL. She was married [1] before 1850 in Blount Co., AL(?) to Lindsey Peyton Thomas who was born about 1827 in SC and died December 31, 1862 in Murfreesboro, Rutherford Co., TN. The exact date of her marriage to Lindsey can not be determined because the marriage book from Blount Co. which would have recorded their marriage was stolen over fifty years ago. They appear on the census in 1850 in Blount Co. and do not have any children yet, indicating that they had not been married long. After her husband was killed she married [2] Kenion Tarpley Hulsey in Jefferson Co. on February 14, 1869. They had one child together. He was Linsey Peyton Hulsey born August 17, 1870 and died May 11, 1966 in Cullman Co. AL. In 1880 Olive was living in Cullman Co. AL. She was listed as head of house and she has her son-in-law Charles T. Morgan and her daughter Rebecca living with her. It is reported that she was a midwife in Cullman Co. for many years. She is buried at Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL.

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