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Poems by Clara E. Keeler


Poem 1

If you and I were brisk and free
To go and come as we used to be,
I'd take you out for a birthday feast
And we'd paint the town pale pink at least.
But your knees are stiff and my eyes are dim
And my ears are dull and we haven't the vim
For much of a spree
And so you see
I'm sending the price of the dinner and paint
And all the rest of the things that ain't,
You'll have to stage your own celebration
Without regard to your aged relation.
I'm packing in here best wishes sincere
For a joyous year full of peace and good cheer
They are sent by one who loves you dear.
           Your Co-Antique C.E.K.


Poem 2

May Father Time unlock for you
     With this golden key of cheer
The door of peace and happiness
     That leads to a bright New Year.


Poem 3

I hope the day may be a long
Whose notes are heart beats full and strong
With joy and hope whose tune shall be
Of such a swinging Melody
The happy rhythm sweet and clear
Shall echo on through all the year.

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