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1st Generation
Nathaniel Clark died March 30, 1669. He married Mary Meekins, the daughter of Thomas Meekins. From "A History of Hatfield, MA 1690-1910": First mill set up on the westside. Negotiations for its building were begun in April 1661, and in December after he had "expended considerable estate in building a mill" the town of Hadley voted to have all the grain ground by Thomas Meekins "provided he make good meal."...Thomas Meekins was a millwright by trade. His mill was built on the Capawonk brook, which thereafter was called Mill river...Thomas Meekins also assisted in setting up corn mills in other towns. He built the first sawmill in Hatfield in 1669 and had one in operation on the east side of the river perhaps as early as 1662 in company with Robert Boltwood. They were granted liberty to build a sawmill in Hadley in that year. December 19, 1670 the town of Hatfield voted that Meekin's sawmill should be free from the town rate for 3 years.

2nd Generation
Sarah Clark was born August 25, 1665. She was married December 11, 1684 in Hatfield, Hampshire Co., MA to Samuel Welles who was born June 10, 1662 in Hadley, Hampshire Co., MA and died August 9, 1690 in either Hadley or Hatfield, MA.

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