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1st Generation
MOSES DAMRON was born Bef. 1802, and died ABT. He married JENNIE MULLINS ABT 1812. An article written by Bethenia Owens-Adair, daughter of Sarah Damron Owens who was the daughter of Moses and Jennie provides dates for Moses and Jennie. She also asserts that Jennie's mother was born about 1748 and lived in or around Pike Co., KY in 1828. From the Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter, Volume 27, Fall 1994 page 914: citing Dr. Owens-Adair: "In 1829 Moses and Jennie were on their way back to Pike Co., KY from Illinois when the parents became ill and died in Posey County near the Ohio River. Sarah and her brother Moses brought the younger children, William, Louisa, Elizabeth and Solomon back to Pike County. " Dr. Owens-Adair further states that her mother went to live with her maternal grandmother, who was 80 at the time, after Sarah's parents died. The author of the Dameron-Damron Family Newsletter article speculates that John and Jennie (Bailey) Mullins looked like possible candidates for being the parents of Jennie Mullins.

2nd Generation




SARAH DAMRON, b. ABT 1818 according to Bethenia Owens-Adair; She married THOMAS OWENS, 1833, Pike Co., KY.

MOSES DAMRON, b. Bef. 1827.

SOLOMON KING DAMRON was born December 26, 1827 in East St. Louis, St. Claire, IL. He died June 19, 1892 in Osceola, St. Clair, MO of a chronic ulcer of stomach according to his death certificate. He married January 4, 1849 in Pikeville, Pike Co., KY Frances Magnell (Magnall?) Sword who was born in 1832 in Pike, KY. His occupation from various census records is listed as being a farmer and an iron ore miner. OBITUARY CHILDREN

3rd Generation
Joplin ca 1910
Joplin, MO ca. 1910



William Moses Damron and daughter Lizzie
WILLIAM MOSES DAMRON was born July 20, 1850 in KY. He died December 12, 1917 in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO. He was described by his daughter Lizzie as a kind and loving man with an even temper. He was married about 1876 to Virginia "Jennie" Belle Davis who was born February 22, 1855 in KY and died January 19, 1929 in Joplin, MO. According to family tradition her parents may have been Elizabeth Hawkins and Henry Davis whose mother's name may have been Susan. The 1880 Lawrence Co., OH, Upper Township, lists William's father, Solomon, living one house away from Henry Davis, age 30, b. KY, father b. W VA, mother b. W VA, with his family and in the same house, James Davis, age 27, b. KY, father b. W VA, mother b. W VA, with his family.
Between the Damron family and the Davis family is the Kelley family headed by Sarah whose daughter, Jane Davis, age 30 lives with her as well as 3 grandchildren belonging to Jane. This same census has Virginia's father b. W VA, mother b. W VA. Possible connection? Another interesting census record is the 1870, Pike Co. KY which has a Davis, Henry T., age 59, Farming, b. VA, Rebecca, age 66, keeping house, b. VA, Mary A., 31, b. VA, Robert J(?G?), age 13, farm laborer, b. MO, Virginia B., age 11, b. MO, Ally E., age 6, b. MO, Henry S., age 24, b. KY. The age isn't quite right on Virginia, but that's not unusual in census data. One other item of interest is that West Virginia split off from Virginia in the early 1860's. From one of her granddaughters: Virginia Davis Damron was a little woman (4'10" or so) with a fiery temper and a quick, sharp tongue. Remembered her as always wearing boots, an apron with a pocket for her tobacco and one for her corn-cob pipe, a long dress and a bonnet. OBITUARY OF VIRGINIA CHILDREN Virginia Belle Davis Damron
Virginia Davis
JOHN J.C. DAMRON, b. 1851, Pike Co., KY; d. January 2, 1853, Pike Co., KY.

SARAH JANE DAMRON, b. June 3, 1853, Pike Co., KY; m. DAVID GREATHOUSE, March 7, 1877, Lawrence Co., OH.

JAMES KENORD POLK DAMERON was born on April 10, 1855 in Pikeville, KY. He died of pneumonia in Clinton, MO on January 29, 1943. He married MALINDA GREATHOUSE January 15, 1867 in Boyd Co. KY and worked as a coal miner and dealer. Mary was born March 14, 1858 in Ohio and died April 13, 1935 in Clinton, Henry Co., MO. CHILDREN Thanks to Barbara for pictures and information on this line down!

SOLOMON BREKENRIDGE DAMERON was born in 1858 in Daviess Co., MO. He married (1)Rosa E. Gerhart on April 9, 1879 in Lawrence Co., OH. She was born in June 5, 1863 in Ohio and died February 13, 1908 in Clinton MO and is buried in Englewood Cemetery, Clinton, MO. Solomon and Rosa divorced May 21, 1897 in Henry Co., MO. He married (2) Nancy. They were divorced 18 April 1892 in Polk Co., MO. DDFA NEWSLETTER, v27 p919: "Polk County Circuit court record for Solomon B. Dameron shows he was convicted on 21 Oct. 1890 of bigamy. Prison term - 1 Nov. 1890 to 21 Jan. 1893. Description: height 5'6", weight 155 lbs., dark complexion, mustache, heavy eybrows, large scar on first finger right hand and little finger left, tattoo by India Ink "S. B. Dameron 1875" inside right forearm." Child

Mary Mesa Damron MARY MESA (DOLLIE) DAMRON was born on May 14, 1866 in Pikeville, Pike Co., KY and died November 6, 1935 in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO of uterine cancer. She is buried in Forest Park Cemetery. She married Henry P. Filewood on November 28, 1887 in Lowrey City, MO. He was born April 12, 1868 in Clinton, Henry Co., MO and died October 27, 1927 in Joplin. Henry Filewood

GEORGE L. DAMERON was born November 21, 1869 in Upper Township, Lawrence Co., OH. He married Annie L. Coulter on January 7, 1891 in Henry Co., MO.

4th Generation
Children of William Moses Damron and Virginia Belle Davis
JASON DAMRON died after 1939. He married Sarah before 1924. CHILD Jason Damron

SOLOMON DAMRON was born September 1877 in OH. The 1900 Jasper Co., MO Galena Twp. Joplin census lists his occupation as an operator in a zinc mine. He died August 17, 1928 in Joplin, MO and was married about 1906 to Nellie I. Lathrop who was born September 11, 1879 in Rockford, Winnebago Co, IL and died July 2, 1912 in Joplin, MO. They are both buried in Forest Park Cemetery. OBITUARY CHILDREN

ASA DAMRON was born in January of 1880 in Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH and died in 1924 in Joplin, MO. The 1910 Census for Jasper Co., MO Galena Twp. Joplin lists his occupation as shoveler in a zinc min. He is buried in Forest Park Cemetery. He married in about 1902, Maud L. who was born about 1887 in MO. CHILDREN

UNKNOWN DAMRON, b. March 22, 1884, Lewis, Henry Co., MO (Source: Clinton Courthouse, Henry County records book #4, pg 23).

Home of Charlie CHARLES C. DAMRON was born April 18, 1885 in Deer Creek Township, Henry Co., MO and died April 22, 1939 in Joplin, MO. He married Pearl about 1908 (one census lists her name as Pauline). She was born about 1889 in Kansas. They lived in the house picture at left.
Ora Damron ORA DAMRON was born April 1889 in Joplin, MO and died in 1972. She married Ward Hughes. They had two children. Ward Hughes
LEO F. DAMRON was born October 1891 in Joplin, MO and died after 1939. He was living in Sarcoxie in August of 1928.

ELIZABETH "LIZZIE" DAMRON was born January 15, 1895 in Joplin, MO. She died there on May 11, 1982. When she was young, her family moved to Oklahoma. They only stayed for 5 or 6 years. While there, they lived near Heartshorn, OK. She married James Claude Smith on June 15, 1912 in Joplin. He was born March 12, 1884 in West Plains, MO and died November 20, 1973 in Joplin. WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT

ROBERT L. DAMRON was born in January of 1899 in Joplin, MO. He died September 3, 1900 in Joplin.

Children of James K. Dameron and Malinda Greathouse

FLORA IDA BELL DAMRON, b. August 30, 1876, OH, d. January 3, 1935, Clinton, Henry Co., MO,m. (1) WILLIAM CECIL GREATHOUSE, September 24, 1895; m. (2) JOHN SHUFORD, March 18, 1913. Flora was buried in the Engleside Cemetery in Clinton Co. MO.

JAMES W. DAMRON, b. January 29, 1879, Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH; d. March 3, 1948, Clinton, Henry Co., MO. He married (1) PEARL EDITH BROWN May 10, 1900 in Clinton, Henry Co. Pearl was born May 14, 1885 in Topeka, KS and died February 23, 1937 in Nevada, MO. Married (2) LIZZIE. CHILDREN James W. Dameron
MARGARET DAMERON, b. August 22, 1881, Ironton, Lawrence Co.; m. (1) BOB GROGEN; m. (2) IKE HARVEY.

CHARLES L. DAMRON, b. March 19, 1885, Clinton, Henry Co., MO. He married MARTHA BROWN November 11, 1907 in Denver, Denver Co., CO. CHILDREN

GEORGE W. DAMERON, b. October 15, 1887, Bethlehem, Henry Co.

HATTIE PEARL DAMERON, b. September 5, 1889, Clinton, Henry Co., MO; d. May 24, 1917, Clinton, Henry Co., MO; m. PERRY ALEXANDER, February 16, 1910, Henry Co., MO. She is buried in Engelwood Cemetery, Henry Co., MO.

LUCY M. DAMERON, b. April 26, 1893, Clinton, Henry Co., MO; m. (1) WILLIAM L. ALEXANDER, October 19, 1910, Henry Co., OH; m. (2) MR. JOHNSON.

Children of Marion B. Damron and Mary A. McLaughlin

HATTIE BELLE DAMRON, b. January 1881, OH; m. JAMES.

WILLIAM DAMRON, b. May 1883, OH.

FRANK DAMRON, b. December 15, 1884, Deer Creek Twp, Henry Co., MO.

JOHN JAMES DAMERON b. December 31, 1885, Deer Creek, Henry Co.; d. February 2, 1920; m. (1) LENA TYSON), April 14, 1909, Lutie, Latimer Co., OK, m. (2) MAGGIE MCMILLEN. His occupation was hoisting engineer in the mines.

ANNIE DAMRON, b. April 1887, Indian Territory.

MARION BUCHANAN DAMRON, b. February 1889, Indian.





Child of Solomon B. Dameron and Rosa Gerhart

ALBERT WILLARD DAMERON, b. August 8, 1881, Ironton, Lawrence Co., OH; d. May 28, 1959, San Bruno, San Mateo Co., CA. .). He married BLANCHE. He worked as a locomotive engineer for the C.B. and Q. Railroad and lived in Lincoln, NE from 1907 to 1940. CHILDREN

UNKNOWN DAMERON, b. September 14, 1884, Deer Creek, Henry Co., MO.

WALTER J. DAMERON, b. 1885, St. Louis, St. Louis City, MO; d. May 29, 1911, Indianola, Red Willow Co., NE; m. BESSIE. He worked as a fireman and locomotive engineer for Burlington Railroad. He was killed in a train wreck.

OSCAR E. DAMRON, b. November 22, 1889; d. May 1972, Scottsdale, Maricopa Co.; m. FLORA L. He was a fireman for the the C.B. and Q. Railroad.


4th Generation
Child of Jason and Sarah Damron

CURTIS E. DAMRON was born August 4, 1923 and died September 14, 1924. He is buried in Forest Park Cemetery, Joplin, MO.

Children of Solomon Damron and Nellie Lathrop

NELLIE C. DAMRON was born about 1907 in MO. She married Mr. McMullens.

EARL DAMRON was born about July of 1908 in MO.

Children of Asa and Maud L. Damron

HARRY DAMRON was born about 1906 in MO.

PAUL DAMRON was born about November of 1908.

Children of JAMES DAMRON and PEARL BROWN are:

Clifford Dameron CLIFFORD A. DAMRON, b. 1902, MO, died April 1950.
DOROTHY EDITH DAMRON, b. 1910, MO. She married James Francis (Frank) Barton, brother of Oscar Monroe Barton who married Dorothy's sister Mary Virginia. Frank and Dorothy had a son Tommy and a daughter Dolores. They lived in Texas where they raised horses and ponies. Frank died in 1993 in Kirbyville, TX.

IRENE DAMRON, b. February 26, 1915 in MO. and died August 2, 1938 in Clinton, MO. She married MR. HAMMOND and they had at least one daughter, BEVERLY.

MARY VIRGINIA DAMERON, b. April, 1913, Clinton MO. d. Tulsa OK, 1971. Married OSCAR MONROE BARTON, in Clinton, MO in 1929. They had three children, WILLIAM MONROE BARTON, MARY KATHLEEN BARTON/MEDLEY AND RICHARD DAVID BARTON who married DOROTHY ELIZABETH NIMMO at Newport News, VA. Dorothy was born in Bathurst, Australia. Richard and Dorothy had four children, BARBARA ANNE, SHARLENE, RICHARD AND TAMRA. Mary V. Damron



JAMES DAMRON, b. 1915.

NAOMI DAMRON, b. 1917.





Photos courtesy of Olive Smith King and Richard Smith.

This page is dedicated to a the granddaughter of Mary Mesa Damron, who did most of the research reflected here, then generously shared her decades of work.

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