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1st Generation
GEORGE DICKEY was born about 1677 in Antrim, Ireland and married there in 1702.

2nd Generation
JOHN DICKEY was born in 1703 in Antrim, Ireland and died there after February 1789. He married Martha McNeeley who was born in 1706 in Antrim, Ireland.

3rd Generation
JOHN DICKEY, b. August 25, 1740.
GEORGE DICKEY, b. April 15, 1742, Albemarle Co. VA.; d. Huntsville, Madison Co. AL. George was born in VA. and lived in South Carolina during the Revolutionary War in which he served. He is listed in the South Carolina Revolutionary War payment claims. He later lived in Maury and Franklin counties in TN and died in Madison Co. AL.
EBNER DICKEY, b. November 15, 1744. Ebner died at a young age.
ROBERT DICKEY was born November 25, 1745 in Albemarle Co., VA and died May 21, 1817 in South Salem, Ross Co., OH. He was married on March 24, 1772 in SC to Margaret "Peggie" Hillhouse who was born in 1750 in PA and died on August 30, 1778 in OH. Robert Dickey was born in VA. He moved to York Co. SC then to KY and finally Ohio. He moved to Bourbon Co. KY, then to Madison Co. KY. in 1792 and Livingston Co. KY in 1802. While in SC, Robert served in the Revolutionary War as a light horseman under Captain Thomas Kirkpatrick for sixteen days. He also served in the South Carolina General Assembly in 1776. His children, John, William, and Martha all married children of James Ross. Children
DAVID DICKEY, b. October 18, 1747, York Co. SC; d. November 7, 1823, Washington IN. David served in the Revolutionary War. According to stub entry #193 in Book M, Payment of claims from the Revolutionary War by the state of South Carolina there was issued on Oct. 1, 1784 to David Dickey, late a private in Reid's troop, W. Hampton's Regiment, Sumpter's Brigade, State Troops, a payment of 94 pounds with interest of 6 pounds, 11 shillings and 7 pence.
ELEANOR DICKEY, b. October 18, 1749 in Albemarle Co. VA, and died Aft. 1804; m. JOHN TISDALE, VA. He was born Abt. 1757 in Amelia Co. VA, and died Abt. June 1804 in Louisa Co. VA. John's Will, found in Louisa County Probate Records, Book 5, Page 234, lists his heirs. It was recorded on 9 June 1806.

.... lend to my wife Elenor Tisdale the land and plantation where I now live, also that tract that I bought of George Morris, and slaves [seven named].

To daughter Polly Chiles, one negro girl ... (contributors note: b. Bef. 1782; d. Aft. 1813.)
To daughter Patsey Gooch, one negro girl ... (contributors note: MARTHA PATSY TISDALE, b. 12 Feb 1783, VA; d. Aft. 1814.)
To daughter Nancy Wheeler, one negro girl ... (contributors note: b. Bef. 1786; d. Aft. 1815; m. NATHANIEL WHEELER, 22 Dec 1801, Louisa Co. VA; b. Bef. 1784; d. Aft. 1813.
To son Robert Tisdale, 50 pounds (contributors note: b. Bef. 1782; d. Aft. 1846.)
To son Richard Tisdale, 50 pounds (contributors note: b. Bef. 1799; m. SALLY UNKNOWN; b. Bef. 1810.)
To son David Tisdale, 50 pounds (contributors note: b. Bef. 1782; d. Aft. 1813.)
To son James Tisdale, 50 pounds (contributors note: b. Bef. 1770, Louisa Co.; d. Bef. 1826.)
To son William Tisdale, 50 pounds (contributors note: b. Bef. 1780; d. Aft. 1813; m. POLLY MORRIS, 20 Nov 1793, Louisa Co. VA ; b. Bef. 1777.)

I appoint my son James Tisdale as my executor.

Dated 12 June 1804

Eleanor and John had another son not named in the will: JOHN DICKEY TISDALE, b. Bef. 1799; d. Aft. 1813; m. SARAH UNKNOWN; b. Bef. 1810; d. Aft. 1813. For more information on the Tisdale line, contact the contributor.

MARY DICKEY, b. April 11, 1753, Albemarle Co. VA.; d. December 12, 1834, Livingston, Crittenden Co., KY.
MARTHA DICKEY, b. January 12, 1756, York Co. SC.
WILLIAM DICKEY, b. January 12, 1756, York Co. SC. William and Martha Dickey were twins.

4th Generation

JOHN DICKEY SR. was born February 20, 1773 in York Co., SC and died September 22, 1850 in Giles Co., TN. He was married July 19, 1796 in Logan Co., KY to Margaret Ross, the daughter of Mary Mitchell and James Ross who was born about 1741 in Ireland and died about 1812 in Giles Co., TN. John Dickey Sr. served in the Indian Wars in Ohio under General Anthony Wayne. Before Oct. 1793 he migrated with his father's family to Logan Co. Ky. In 1807- 1808 John and Margaret moved to Giles Co. TN.(part of Maury Co. at that time) His father in law James Ross moved there about the same time. John was one of the first settlers of Giles Co. He is named in "The History of Giles Co." They settled near the Big Springs which later became Campbellsville. In the fall of 1808 John cut the cane around the spring and planted a crop of turnips. The next year he made a crop of corn. In 1809 the Legislature appointed him to be one of the Magistrates of the county. In 1810 he was appointed Chairman of the first County Court of Giles Co. In November 1813 he was duly elected County Trustee. He was also selected to take the list of taxable property in Captain Hill's company in 1813. In December of 1815 he was re-elected as County Trustee. In 1817 he was elected as Representative to the State Legislature. He was buried in Campbellsville, Giles Co. TN. Children

WILLIAM DICKEY, b. December 6, 1774, Bullocks Creek, SC; d. December 5, 1857, Bloomingburg, Ohio; m. (1) REBECCA ROSS; m. (2) ELLA GHORMLEY.
MARTHA (PATSY) DICKEY, b. December 9, 1776, SC; d. 1825-1828, Near Rock Springs IL.

5th Generation
Children of JOHN DICKEY and MARGARET ROSS are:
JAMES ROSS DICKEY, b. April 26, 1797, Logan Co. Ky; d. August 26, 1878, Giles Co. TN. James Ross Dickey was a registered land surveyor. He was also a Constable in Captain Beavers company. His tombstone in Campbellsville Cemetery, Giles Co. TN reads; "Mark the perfect man and behold the upright for the end of that man is peace."
MARY MITCHELL DICKEY, b. March 21, 1798.
JOHN DICKEY JR. was born about 1812 in Giles Co., TN and was married about 1848 in that county to Margaret Jane Smith. She was born about 1822 in NC and was the daughter of Margaret Erma McNair and Neill S. Smith. Children

6th Generation
ROBERT W. DICKEY, b. June 9, 1846, Tn.; d. June 13, 1917, TN. He is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Giles Co.
JOHN NEILL DICKEY, b. September 1848.
MARY C. DICKEY, b. ABT 1851.
JAMES R. DICKEY, b. December 1852, Tn.; d. August 23, 1919, TN. He committed suicide.
LUCRETIA ANN DICKEY was born about 1862 in Giles Co., TN and died between 1885 and 1900 in TN. She was married August 29, 1878 in Giles Co., TN to George W. Owens was born about 1859 in TN and died between 1885 and 1900 in TN.

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