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Filed 8/2/1909. Divorce--Nettie of Monroe, Will of McMinn. Married Monroe 4/_/1909, lived together until two weeks ago. He cruel and committed adultery with ______ERVIN and MARY PICKLESIMER. No children. Maiden name STRATTON, she is age 15.
10/26/1909--Deposition of Nettie Wright. Says married 4/20/1909. Says Will lives Monroe. They lived together 3 months. He was age 18. he came home drunk, etc. They lived with her brother HARVEY STRATTON and wife. At first they lived with JIM STILES and wife. He admited adultery with Picklesimer and _______ROBINSON. She is now with her parents, she is pregnant.
10/26/1909--Deposition of Mary Stratton, sister-in-law vouches for Nettie. Deposition of Harvey Stratton, brother of Nettie, says Will told him some time before he and Nettie parted that he was afraid he caught a "venerice" disease. Will fails to appear for defense.
12/7/1909--Decree granted, she gets $100 alimony. [Nettie Stratton to Will Wright 4/24/1909][Nettie Stratton to Will R. Carter 9/30/1912][Death cert. Nettie Carter 1920][1910 census--Nettie with parents Joel/Margaret Stratton, Nettie 17 div., no children]

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