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Special thanks to Delene Thomas for providing the copy of this claim.
D - 5.263
Claim No. 54859
Settlement No. 8479
David Thomas, Alabama

Due him out of the Appropriation for "Claims of Loyal Citizens for Supplies furnished during the Rebellion."

For the amount allowed him by the Commissioners of Claims.
Reported June 24, 1880
Returned July 2, 1880.
Requisition No. 7552 dated July 9, 1880, transmitted for Warrant July 13, 1880.

Transcriptionist's note: This claim was for a mule and a mare. The claim for the mule was allowed, but the claim for the mare disallowed due to there being no witness to testify to having seen it taken. This transcription incorporates the question before the answer although the original document has pages with just questions, then the handwritten answers without the questions on separate pages.

This claim shows that things haven't changed much concerning the behavior of lawyers. The pension packet includes statements from two different lawyers arguing over who was the lawful agent of the claimant. George E. Lemon, Counsellor at Law, Solicitor of Patents and Claims, based in Washington D.C. won this battle. It is interesting to note that this attorney operated over a wide geographical range. We have in our possession a successful claim for pension for a gentleman in Connecticut which was handled by this same solicitor.

David Thomas's answers to general questions.

James Vanderford's testimony as to the loyalty of David Thomas.

Ananias Thomas's testimony as to the loyalty of David Thomas.

David Thomas's testimony on facts.

Nathan T. Thomas's testimony on facts.

Alexander H. Burns testimony on facts.

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