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1st Generation
William Taylor Dutton William Taylor Dutton was born October 1851 in Floyd Co., GA(?) and died April 1, 1928 in Hatchel, Runnels Co., TX(?). He was married [1] June 20, 1875 in Blount Co., AL to Obedience "Biddie" Burgess who was born November 1854 in Floyd Co., GA and died before 1905 in Blount Co., AL. He married [2] ALICE, between 1900 and 1905 in TX. William Taylor Dutton was born in either AL or GA. The Burgess family book has his birthplace as Floyd Co. GA, but this has not be confirmed. All of the census entries say he was born in AL. The date of his birth is given as either 1851 or 1853. He appears on the 1880 and 1900 census in Blount Co. AL. His wife apparently died between 1900 and 1905.
The Burgess book says that he re-married. He appears on the 1910 census in Hillsboro, Hill Co. TX with his daughters Nola (18), and Elsie (14) and his son Chalmers (4). It says that Chalmers was born in TX, and that Taylor is widowed. In 1920 he is still in Hillsboro TX and is listed with his son Walter (14). This son is obviously the one earlier listed as Chalmers. His address in 1920 is 107 Turner St. Hillsboro TX. This census lists his parents' birthplace as SC. All the others list it as AL. His occupation is always listed as farmer with the exception of 1920 which has him listed as a carpenter working on his own account. A letter has turned up in the possession of Jane Keenum which was written by Chalmer W. Dutton and says that his father died Apr. 11, 1928. The envelope in which the letter was sent has the date 1852-1928 written on it, indicating the birth and death date of William. The letter was mailed from Hatchel Texas leading this researcher to believe that this is where he died.

2nd Generation
Children of William Dutton and Obedience Burgess:
Mucie Ward Musie Dora Dutton was born April 18, 1876 in Blount Co., and died March 19, 1948 in Limestone Co., AL. She was married [1] about June 1896 in Blount Co. to Joseph Steven Ward who was born September 1847 in AL and died 1907 in Blount Co., AL. She married [2] Charles L. Morgan on December 24, 1909 in Cullman Co., AL. He was born February 22, 1884 in AL and died December 13, 1948 in AL. In 1900 Wm T. Dutton and J.S. Ward lived next door to each other.
From the McConnell-Service Funeral Home Register, Athens, Alabama, Press Notice: "Musie Dora Dutton was borned April 18, 1876. Died March 19, 1948. She was married to Joseph Ward about June 1896 to this union was borned 3 boys and 2 girls. Mr. Ward died 1907. She then married Charles Morgan Dec. 24, 1909 to this union was borned 1 boy and 2 girls. She was the grandmother of 48 grand children and 9 great grand children." She is on the 1880 and 1900 census in Blount Co., the 1910 census in Winston Co., and the 1920 census in Lawrence Co. AL. She is buried in the Limestone Church Cemetery.

William F. Dutton was born May 17, 1878 in Blount Co., AL and died September 17, 1941 in Cullman Co., AL. he married Minnie R. Patterson on August 5, 1901 in Cullman Co. She was born September 14, 1885 in AL and died December 12, 1959 in Cullman Co. He is buried at Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL. Children
Nannie Dutton Nannie Dutton was born in September of 1880 in Blount Co., AL.
Kittie Dutton was born in April of 1883 in Blount Co., AL. She married Tom Green. She is buried at Sweet Home Cemetery, Marshall Co.

John Dutton was born in February of 1886 in Blount Co., AL.

Sena Dutton was born in August of 1888 in Blount Co., AL. She married Mr. Fugitt. A letter from Sena to Musie says that Preston, their son, was badly wounded in the second World War. Sena Dutton
Nollie Dutton was born in March of 1892. She married Allen Honeycutt. A letter from Sena to Musie says that Nollie had a son who was killed during the D-Day invasion of World War II.
Elsie Dutton and Husband Elsie Dutton was born in December of 1895 in Blount Co., AL. She married George Stieber. Elsie lived most of her married life in the Chicago Illinois area.

Chalmer W. Dutton was born on August 9, 1905 in TX and died March 19, 1967 in Fort Worth, TX. He married Mary. Chalmer worked for the Civil Service.

Chalmer Dutton

3rd Generation

FLORENCE L. DUTTON, b. October 15, 1903, AL.; d. March 11, 1919, AL. She is buried at Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL.

ERNEST O.(BUCK) DUTTON, b. October 18, 1906, AL.; d. March 25, 1982, AL.

ELBERT J. DUTTON, b. February 22, 1908, AL.; d. October 24, 1918, AL. He is buried at Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL.

MYRTLE E. DUTTON, b. November 6, 1910, AL.; d. February 27, 1997, AL.; m. JAMES I REESE. They are both buried at Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL.

LILLIE MAE DUTTON, b. February 22, 1914, AL.; m. JAMES M. BURDEN, 1928. James is buried at Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL.

OTTIS M.(BILL) DUTTON, b. July 26, 1916, AL.; d. February 26, 1976, AL. His tombstone in Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL states that he served in the Army as a PFC during World War II. Margie is buried near him. Children

LILLIAN (PID) DUTTON, b. in AL.; m. HUGH CLIFF CATES. Reports of her death sometime between 1995 and 1997 have been greatly exaggerated. Her death date has not yet been put on her stone at Mt. Vernon West, Cullman Co. AL (where her husband is buried) because she has not joined him!

4th Generation
Children of OTTIS DUTTON and MARGIE (DUTTON) are:



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