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Court records for Elizabeth Pack and Harvey King

Roll 1--Blackman papers
We, the undersigned, hereby appoint L.M. Blackman our attorney, and authorize him for us, and in our names to sign, execute and deliver a bond to the U.S. in the penalty of One Thousand Dollars for the appearance of Elizabeth Pack before any Commisioner of the U.S. for the Eastern District of TN. at the next term thereof, to be held at the court house, in Knoxville, TN. Witness, our hands and seals, this 19th day of Nov. 1878.

J.C. Cline. Witness by Teste, Wm. W. Williams, J.P. Martin.

Roll 2, Blackman papers
Summon Jno. Casteel, Harvey King, Elizabeth Pack, A. M. White, David Baker (additional names on this subpoena which were crossed out: Joseph Mosses, Joseph Chain, Marion Hawkins) to appear the 17th May 1879 in Athens. Robert H. Carden, Defendant.....14th day of April 1879, Horace K. Slover......executed in McMinn co as to John Casteel this April 25 1879 as to Elizabeth Pack this April the 26, 1879 as to A.M. White this April 25,1879 as to Harvey King this May the 8, 1879, By L.T. Walker, Dept. U.S. Marshal .......summon James Swanson and Wm.Bain, George Baine, and Charles Joins to appear at Athens....Elizabeth Pack, Defendant...22nd day of October 1878....Horace K. Slover ame to hand Nov. 17th 1878...Executed as to William Bain, George W. Bane and Charles Joines 22 day of Nov. 1878...John C.Duff, Dept U.S.Marshal .......charging that Elizabeth Pack of McMinn Co....1 January 1878...violation of the Internal Revenue Laws ... Athens ... 22 day of October 1878. Horace K. Slover Executed by arresting the defendant and taking her before L. M. Blackman...19 day of Nov. 1878...John C. Duff, Dept. U.S. Marshal ..... defendant ... discharged ..... not being sufficient evidence....7 Dec. 1878 ...L.M. Blackman.

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