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This letter is the copyrighted property of Lakin Boyd. Any commercial use is explicitely forbidden. Submitted by Terry Holt.
Yonion Co. May 9 65

My dear wif and little childrens it is a pleasure to mee to answer your kind letter which came to hand that's its given mee a greateal of satisfaction to hear from you all Mandy as for news I have non to writ only the prospect is very good. I hope all will bee wright in Swann's Mandy this leaves mee well. My heth is very good. I am living with richard halloway. he is a good religious man he treat mee like a brother. I live with his brother A while they are good men and treat mee well. Mandy tell the children they must bee good children and go to school. Mandy the folkes is all gone to meeting and I am hear by my self today A lonsome time for me. I want you to writ to mee oftin direct your leters to James *3 it is A beter chance for mee to get them. your letter came thru very quick Mandy hope the time is not far off when we can be togter once more in life but it semes long to mee.

Tell my old mother and sisters *4 and all to writ to mee. I want you to take this to mother.

Well mother, I am glad to hear that *5 tomas is with you. I want you to get him to stay ther till I am home. Mother I want you to tell Sally to writ to me I can't writ to all but I know you all will hear from me. Well tommas I am glad to hear that you ar with mother. Tom I want you to stay ther this year and do the best you can tom. I you to writ to me and tell mee whear your brouther and sister is what Co they are in. I must close by saying writ soon Mandy I might say to you to writ soon and oftin So good by

J. J. Adams
to Mandy

Maybe you can figure out these words:



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