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1st Generation
Speculation: John Looney born about 1656 on the Isle of Man and married Miss Llewellen from the same location.

2nd Generation
Robert Looney was born about 1695 on the Isle of Man, England and died September 14, 1769 in Reed Creek, Augusta/Botetourt Co., VA. Married before 1718 on the Isle of Man to Elizabeth Stover who died before 1769.

3rd Generation
Peter Looney was born in 1734 in Philadelphia, PA. He died about March of 1760 in Augusta Co., VA. He was married there on October 11, 1759 to Margaret Lauderdale who was born about 1733 in VA and died in 1796 in TN.

4th Generation
Peter "Grancer" Looney/Luna was born October 1, 1759 in Augusta Co., VA and died February 16, 1851 in Marshall Co., TN. He married Mary Elizabeth Pittman(?)Long(?) before 1785.

5th Generation
James Luna was born January 22, 1785 in Nashboro or Sumner Co., TN and died December 28, 1872 in Marshall Co., TN. He was married on August 18, 1804 in Sumner Co. to Mary Thomas Smith who was born February 24, 1788, possibly in NC. She died July 10, 1856 in Lewisburg, Marshall Co., TN.

6th Generation
Elisha Luna Elisha Jones Luna was born May 19, 1819 in Lincoln Co., TN and died May 12, 1900 in Zanoni, Ozark Co., MO. He was married on October 25, 1836 in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., TN to Elizabeth Barnett Gray who was born April 2, 1819 in Bedford Co., TN and died August 6, 1900 in Ozark Co., MO.

7th Generation
Harriet Luna Harriet Elizabeth Luna was born August 1836 in Marshall Co., TN and died after 1913. She married Harvey N. Sheppard July 14, 1853 in Fulton Co., KY. He was born in October of 1831 in Indiana and died March 24, 1913.

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