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Transcribed by Diane Smith Feb 1999

P. 1. Application of Nathan THOMAS Hopper P.O. Montgomery Co examined and $25 allowed and Auditor authorized to draw warrant for same. This 22 day of Aug 1893

P.2 Application for Confederate Pension. State of Arkansas County of Montgomery. The undersigned applicant for pension under an act of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas approved April 1, 1891 and amendments thereto, being duly sworn according to law, states he is the identical Nathan THOMAS who enlisted and was enrolled on or about the 10th day of February 1862 in Blountsville, Alla Company A of the 48 Regiment of Infantry commanded by Capt. Jessie ALDRIGE in the services of the Confederate States of America or the State of Arkansas. That while a member of said Company and Regiment in said service. and in the line of his duty at Cedar Run and Chickamauga, in the State of Virginia and on or about the 9th day of August 1863 He received a gunshot wound in the hands. That by reason of said wound he lost 2 fingers and the use of another and is now indigent circumstances without means of support and is wholly or partially incapacitated for manual labor. That he is a bona fide citizen of the State of Arkansas and has resided in sd State for more than twelve months immediately preceding this application. That he is not receiving aid from the State of Arkansas from the United States nor from any other State for injuries received in the war between the States under any Statute providing for the relief of the maimed or blind soldiers of the States. Signed: Nathan THOMAS Hopper, Arkansas 5th? day of July 1893.

P. 3 We, S.P. VAUGHT Judge of the County Court of Montgomery County, J.N. WASSON Sheriff and J. S. WILSON Clerk sitting as a Pension board for Montgomery Co do certify that we have examined the application of the within named Nathan Thomas for pension under act of the General Assembly of the State of Arkansas as approved April 1, 1891 and the proof in support of same and find that said applicant is a wounded Confederate soldier is in indigent circumstances and wholly or partially incapacitated for manual labor and that his claim is just and that he should be allowed a pension.

P.4 Proof of Service (By Comrades if Possible) On this day personally came before the undersigned Justice of the Peace within and for the County of Montgomery and State of Arkansas G.W. BRAKEFIELD and J.W. BRAKEFIELD citizens of Montgomery Co whom I certify to be credible persons and worthy of confidence who being duly sworn state that they are each personally well acquainted with the applicant Nathan THOMAS and have known him 30 years. That the material facts set forth in his application for pension are true. That he was a Confederate soldier. Belonged to Company A 48 Regiment of Alabama infantry that he was wounded in said service at Cedar Runs and Chicamauga being shot through both hands and the first and second fingers shot ____ right hand. That this information we derive from the following sources they being acquainted with him before the war and afterwards..

"NOTE: This file was obtained from the Arkansas History Commission. The Pension file in some places was very faded and difficult to read. File stamped "Best Copy Available"

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