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Manistee News Advocate

8 July 1921, page 3



The injuries of Mrs. Dora Altrock, 202 Cleveland Street, who was run down by Motorcycle Policeman Murphy on the evening of the Fourth, have proved fatal. She never regained consciousness since the accident and died in Mercy hospital yesterday afternoon at 3:45.

Mrs. Altrock is the mother of a large family, and besides these members many brothers and sisters and friends mourn her loss.

She was 68 years old, and had lived here for the past 35 years. Born in Holland in 1853, she came to this country with her parents when only three years old. They arrived at Baltimore, and from there moved to Detroit.

Following Mrs. Altrock's marriage to Herman Altrock in Detroit in 1869, the couple moved to Sheridan and from there to Manistee. Mr. Altrock died about six years ago. Mrs. Altrock later re-married.

She is survived by her husband, Albert Fehlinger of Detroit, four sons, F.C. Altrock, Boyne City; Charles, Boyne City; Arthur, Saginaw; and August, Chicago, and three daughters, Mrs. Larcy (sic) Feavyer (sic), Saginaw; Mrs. Hattie Gesche, Manistee, and Mrs. J.M. Michael (sic), Cleveland.

Mrs. Altrock also leaves one sister, Mrs. Minnie Barnes, Greenville, and five brothers, William, and Frank Linderman (sic) of Greenville; Fred, of Sydney, Charles of Sydney and Henry Linderman (sic), besides 13 grandchildren and one great grandchild, Miss Dorothy Diesing, of this city.

Many of the relatives are in the city already to attend the funeral and the remainder are expected on the late trains. Burial services have not yet been completed.

Obituary is courtesy of Jerry Stege, a descendant of the Beyer line whose family married into the Altrock line.

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