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Co-Researcher Patty Brock


1st Generation
JOSEPH PHILLIP ROBERTS was born ABT 1760 in England. He married MARGARET COONS. His name may have also been spelled Roberds. The Monroe Co. Heritage Book says that he was first married to a Buckman and that she was killed by Indians. MARGARET COONS name comes from the Monroe Co. Heritage Book.

2nd Generation
PHILIP MATHEW ROBERTS was born February 6, 1799 in TN, and died February 12, 1866 in TN. He married NANCY SUE DUGGAN ABT 1817. She may have been born in 1806 according to one researcher. This brings the date of the marriage into question! Phillip is on the census in 1830, 1840, and 1850 in Monroe Co. TN. His birth date is from WFT. CD Volume 8, tree 1924. It also states that he is buried in the Old Roberts Cemetery above the residence of Gib Williams in the Ball Play Community of Monroe Co. TN. Chancery Court records show that Phillip died without a will in February of 1865 or 1866. The Monroe Co. Heritage Book says that Phillip was a minister and a farmer. Nancy's maiden name is from the Monroe Co. heritage book. Children
The Roberts cabin is still standing. It is located in Rafter, a community near Tellico Plains. It sits near Ballplay Creek.
Roberts' Cabin
Rafter area photos courtesy of Sue Sharp Bingham

3rd Generation
JOHN R. ROBERTS was born about June 25, 1825 and died about 1848. The will of John Roberts indicates that he may have been a casualty of the War with Mexico. His will is dated Apr. 5, 1847. The Monroe Heritage Book says that he was born in 1828. HIS WILL
Researcher, Charles Spotts, provides the following information:

John married Aquilla Yarberry 13 Jan, 1845 in Monroe Co. TN. He enlisted in the U.S.Army at Athens, TN, on the 31st of March, 1847, for service in the war against Mexico. He was with the army which invaded Mexico (under General Winfield Scott I think). He was a private in Company B, 14th Regiment, U.S.Infantry, commanded by Col William Trousdale. In a petition from his widow for a pension on behalf of her son, James Berry, to the State of Tennessee on Aug 6, 1851, she gives John's date and place of death as about Aug 15, 1847 at Puebla, Mexico. An accompanying affidavit from a Lieut. George Morgan who was an officer in Company B states that John Roberts died at Puebla, Mexico on Aug 19, of disease which he contracted in the line of his duty. (James Berry was born during his father's absence on 22 June, 1847. Upon her petition, Aquilla was appointed his guardian and they can be found in the 1850 census living in Gilmer Co., GA with Wm. Yarberry, Aquilla's father).

A later petition dated 6 Sept, 1858, lists his position as a private in Captain Andersons Company in a Regiment commanded by Col William Trousdale, and his place of death as Perote, Mexico.

In a petition filed with the Monroe Co. court on 3 Dec., 1867, Aquilla (now married for the third time) requests pension payments for her ward, James, for the years 1861-1863, which she had not able to collect because her Pension Certificate had been lost during the late war. (She had to sign a loyalty oath declaring that she had been faithful to the U.S. and had not aided or abetted the late Rebellion). In this petition she refers to her late husband, John, as having been a private in Capt. Morgan's Company. (Perhaps she confused Lieut. Morgan from her 1851 petition with the Company Captain).

Although the Company Captain's name is in question, the other circumstances of John's death are consistent.

In reading a history of the Mexican War, I found that disease was possibly the biggest cause of death during the Mexican invasion. After landing and taking Vera Cruz, the army had to follow an extremely difficult route to Puebla, thence to Mexico City. Major casualties due to disease occurred en route. Perote is one of the villages on the route from Vera Cruz to Puebla. I don't know what happened to the bodies of those who died there. I assume they were buried in the vicinity. Perhaps there are records which would give more information.

Another researcher added this: His military records gives this description of him: Age 23, Eyes blue, Hair dark, Complexion dark, Height 5'8", Farmer. It also gives his death date as Aug. 16, 1847.

WILLIAM ROBERTS was born about 1826 and died about 1890. Information on William comes from WFT. CD Volume 8, tree 1924. His middle name comes from Lacresha Hale, a descendant.
JANE ROBERTS was born September 27, 1826 and died November 3, 1904.
MARY (POLLY) ROBERTS Roberts was born about 1829. She married James Kirkland. Mary Roberts
PHILLIP ROBERTS was born about 1831.
NANCY A. ROBERTS was born about 1832 in TN. She was married in Monroe Co., TN on December 9, 1851 to Andrew Rogers who was born about 1827 in NC. Andrew appears on the muster roll as a Private in Company G, 3rd Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment, USA.
ELIZA ROBERTS was born about 1834.
General Jackson Roberts' Stone GENERAL JACKSON ROBERTS was born June 19, 1837 in TN and died September 4, 1864 in TN. He is buried in the Giles/Kirkland Cemetery in Rafter, TN. He married Rebecca Kirkland. He was a member of Company B, Third Tennessee Mounted Infantry Regiment (Vaughn's 3rd) CSA. Ball Play Creek
One story has it that he was bushwacked by the Kirkland gang in Ball Play community while he was traveling with Robert Strutton/Stratton. He is reported to have travelled home along the path of Ball Play Creek pictured above. Strutton was killed on the spot and Jackson was wounded and died two days later. It should be pointed out that the alleged Kirkland gang were related to Jackson's wife, Rebecca. She is listed as a Civil War widow in Monroe Co. TN. File #160. Children
SARAH ROBERTS was born about 1840 and married Elias Bivens.
ANNA ROBERTS married Thomas Rogers. It is reported that Annie was murdered in 1865.
MARGARET ROBERTS married William Harmon.

Children of General Roberts and Rebecca Kirkland
This line courtesy of Sue Sharp Bingham
PHILLIP MATTHEWS ROBERTS was born March 17, 1858 in Rafter, Monroe Co., TN. He married Rhoda Ann Giles on August 5, 1880 in Monroe Co. Phillip died October 12, 1929 in Mt. Vernon, Monroe Co., TN and Rhoda Ann died January 31, 1929. They are both buried in the Eleazer Methodist Church cemetery. Children
STONEWALL J. ROBERTS was born about 1862. He married Margaret Hooper.
NANCY ROBERTS was born in September of 1864 in Rafter, Monroe Co., TN and died in 1934. She married John Taylor.
Phillip Roberts Family
Phillip Roberts Family
Front: Jesse, Phillip, Rhoda, John
Back: Sallie Louetta, Maggie Lee, Callie (Rebecca Caroline),
Nellie, Melvina, Eliza Jane, Laura May and Carter
Photo courtesy of Sue Sharp Bingham
Children of Phillip Roberts and Rhoda Ann Giles
CARTER R. ROBERTS was born October 7, 1881 and died September 3, 1935. He married Alice McKinney and they had four children.
LAURA/LARRAH ROBERTS was born April 6, 1882. She married Edgar Mason and they had seven children.
CALLIE ROBERTS was born August 1, 1884 and married Oscar Saunders. They had seven children.
JAMES J. ROBERTS was born March 10, 1886. He married Mae Humphrey and they had three children.
JOHN ROBERTS was born March 20, 1887 and married Lucy Mason. They had nine children.
JESSE B. ROBERTS was born September 10, 1889 and married Lawson Sitzler. They had three children.
ELIZA JANE ROBERTS was born August 3, 1891. She married [1] Clyde Akins and they had three children. She married [2] Manuel Millsaps.
MAGGIE LEE ROBERTS was born April 8, 1893 and died March 28, 1972. She married James Benton Harris and they had 8 children.
SALLIE LOUETTA ROBERTS was born December 17, 1894. She married Joseph William Atkins and they had five children.
NELLIE MELVINA ROBERTS was born November 13, 1897 and died August 3, 1951. She married [1] Olney Toomey and [2] Robert Sankey Sharp. They had one child.
Another Roberts Researcher

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