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1st Generation
John Sheppard was born about 1794 in TN (his age was listed as 56 on the 1850 Fulton Co. KY census). His wife, Caroline Nichleson, was born about 1792 in NC (her age was listed as 58 on the 1850 Fulton Co., KY census). Marriage license issued January 16, 1817 in Harrison Co., IN. The last names are spelled "Shepherd" on this record for the groom and "Nichelson" for the bride. Caroline's maiden name is verified on her son Harvey's death certificate. The 1850 census lists their son, Harvey, age 17 living with them along with Nancy Ballard, age 12, born in Indiana, and Zachariah Sheppard, age 1, born in KY.

John was in TN in 1794, Harrison County IN by 1817, possibly in adjoining Washington County, IN in 1820 (see map) where a John Shepherd, aged 26 to 44 is found heading a household which includes 1 female under 10, 2 females aged 16-18, 1 female age 26 to 44 and one female 45 or older. On the previous page of this census, page 222, is a John Shepherd Sr. who is head of household for a residence containing 1 male between 16 and 25, on aged 45 or older and one female aged 45 or older. Have been unable to locate a John Sheppard in Harrison Co. on the 1820 census. He is found in Fulton Co., KY in 1850. This is the southwestern most county in KY and was formed in 1845 from Hickman County.

2nd Generation
Harvey N. Sheppard was born October 28, 1831 in Indiana (possibly Washington or Harrison County) and died March 24, 1913 of Brite's disease. He was buried that day in the Harve Sheppard Cemetery. One researcher reports that his headstone was intact in 1972, but had disappeared by 1990. He was married on July 14, 1853 in Fulton Co., KY to Harriet Elizabeth Luna who was born August 1836 in Marshall Co., TN and died after 1913. According to census records, Harvey was a farmer. He served in the Civil War for the Union although he was denied a pension because the Union records for this part of the country were so bad. He was enrolled on the first day of March, 1864 in Company A of the 5th Regiment of the Missouri State Militia and discharged December 19, 1866 according to his pension application. He was injured in the war when his horse fell on him. Read about the Ozarks in the Civil War.
Harvey was in Indiana in 1831, in Fulton Co., KY by 1850 and still there in 1853 when he and Harriet were married. Their first child was born in Ky in 1859, but by 1862 they had a child born in MO. They were in Pulaski Co., MO when their daugher, Missouri Jane, was born. By 1870 they show up on the Ozark Co., MO census where he apparently lived and farmed for most the rest of his life. Land records show that Harvey purchased 160 acres of land in Ozark Co. on May 1, 1875 and another 40 in November 13, 1885. Ozark County Missouri
William Sheppard is probably the brother of Harvey. He was born in Indiana and was living next door to John and Caroline Sheppard on September 5, 1850 when they were ennumerated on the census. He was age 30 and was a cooper. His wife, Mary, age 28, was living with him. Also ennumerated in his household were Elizabeth Sheppard, age 21, born in KY, and Eliza Jackson, age 19, born in TN. Don't know who they are.

3rd Generation
Children of Harvey Sheppard and Harriet Luna

Mary E. Sheppard was born January 1, 1857 and died September 1929 in OK. She married David M. Hunt on May 29, 1873 in Ozark Co., MO. He was born January 15, 1853 in Calaway Co., MO and died June 22, 1926. This information comes from a Sheppard researcher who noted that both Mary and her husband are buried at Red Oak, Latimer, OK.

Martha C. Sheppard was born in 1859 in KY.

Sarah A. Sheppard was born in 1862 in Ozark Co., MO.
Thomas Kelly & Missouri Sheppard Thomas & Missouri Missouri Jane Sheppard was born January 19, 1865 in Pulaski Co., MO and died November 25, 1924. She married [1] Mathew P. Smith who was born about 1864 in TN. She married [2] Thomas Kelly about 1887. He was born January 1852. Missouri Jane Sheppard

Lucinda Sheppard was born in 1867 in Ozark Co., MO.

James F. Sheppard was born 1869 in Ozark Co., MO. One researcher has his wife listed as Margaret Baker.

William M. Sheppard was born in 1873 in MO. His age was listed as 2 years old on the 1900 Ozark County census. Another researcher has his date of birth as 1872 and this may be correct.
Home and Store of Nettie McBride
Home and Store of William & Nettie McBride

Cora Sheppard was born in October of 1875 in MO. Her middle initial is listed as "G" on the 1880 Ozark County, MO census, but as "J" on the 1900 census. The "J" is probably correct. She married Grant William McBride who was born in March of 1869 in PA.
Nettie Sheppard
This has got to be "Nettie" McBride. According to her niece, Olive Smith, Aunt Nettie, whom they also called Aunt Janette, had a daughter named Clara. The 1900 Ozark County census lists Cora J. McBride, born in October of 1875, along with her husband, Grant W. McBride and their daughter, Clara F. McBride, born in 1893 in MO, living in the household of Harvey Sheppard. Another researcher has "Nettie's" date of birth as being 1879.
Benjamin Jasper Sheppard was born June 24, 1880 in Sheppard Hollow, Gainesville Ozark County, Missouri and died August 19, 1918 in Nuyaka, OK. He married Leona Edna Dye in February of 1904 in Rock Bridge, MO. He does not show up on a census living with his parents since he was not born when the 1880 census was taken, and must have left home before the 1900 census was taken. There is no 1890 census available. The information about Benjamin comes from his granddaughter.

Mysteries: The 1900 Ozark County MO census has a John Wodkins, born in January of 1886 living in the Harvey Sheppard household. His relationship is listed as being a grandson. Does anyone know which Sheppard daughter married a Wodkins?

George Sheppard. One researcher has his date of birth as being 1870, while another found him on the 1870 census as being 13 years old. He is listed last after all the other children on this census. He is not living with the family on the 1880 census. Is this one of Harvey's children?

Contact Carole Nielson, a descendent of Benjamin Sheppard.

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