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1st Generation
Mathew P. Smith was born about 1864 in TN. His parents may have been James Smith and Mary Sullivan. He is believed to have died in 1918. He was married May 28, 1882 to Missouri Jane Sheppard in her father's house in Ozark Co., MO. She was born January 19, 1865 in Pulaski Co., MO and died November 25, 1924.

2nd Generation
Alfred Smith was born January 1882.
James Claude Smith was born March 12, 1884 on the JT Cochrum farm on Caney Mountain, Ozark County, MO. He died November 20, 1973 in Joplin, MO. He was married on June 15, 1912 in Joplin to Elizabeth "Lizzie" Damron who was born January 15, 1895 in Joplin. She died there on May 11, 1982. From his Army papers: James C. Smith a Corporal of Troop "C" of the Fourth Regiment of Cavalry who was enlisted on the Twenty Sixth day of August one thousand nine hundred and three to serve 3 years is hereby honorably discharged from the Army of the United States by reason of expiration of term of service. They said James C. Smith was born in Ozark, Co. in the State of Missouri and when enlisted was 22 5/12 years of age, 5 feet 9 1/2 inches high, dark comlexion, blue #10 eyes, D. Brown hair and by occupation a clerk. He enlisted at Shawnee, Oklahoma Territory. JC was raised in Clinton and El Reno Oklahoma. He spent time in the Army at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma and at Camp Overton, Mindauao, the Philippine Islands as well as at Ft. Riley, Kansas. His Calvary Spurs are still in the family. JC Smith

3rd Generation
James Smith James H. Smith was born in Nevada, MO. He married Mildred Sala who died October 30, 2000 in Phoenix Arizona at the age of 83.
Helen M. Smith was born in Nevada, MO. She married [1] Paul Garroutte and [2] Victor Bonfiglio.

Verna L. Smith was born in Nevada, MO. She married Roy W. McKee.

Olive O. Smith was born in Nevada, MO. She married Sterling King.

William Q. Smith was born March 8, 1920 in Monroe, LA. He died September 18, 1996 in CA. He married [1] Kathleen Dutton and [2] Lillian "Marie" (Smith). William Smith
Russell F. Smith was born in Monroe, LA. He married Pauline M. Voosen.
Robert Smith Robert P. Smith was born March 16, 1924 in Joplin, MO. He died March 1, 1991 in Magalia, CA. He was married to Dorothy Aldridge.
Charles R. Smith was born October 20, 1928 and died the next day.
Donald R. Smith was born March 26, 1930 in Joplin, MO. He died September 29, 1996. He was married to Barbara Bailey. Donald Smith
Elizabeth F. Smith was born March 26, 1930 in Joplin, MO. She died August 2, 1964 in Joplin. She was married to James Cookerly. Tina Smith
Richard Smith Richard Lee Smith was born in Joplin MO. He married Elaine Emily Altrock in Essex MD. Birthplace of Richard L. Smith
Birthplace of Richard
Barbara Smith was born in Joplin, MO. She married [1] Jack Duncan and [2] Robert J. Boyle.

4th Generation
Children of James H. Smith and Mildred Sala

Robert J. Smith.
Geraldine Smith.
Marian Smith.

Children of William Q. Smith and Kathleen Dutton

Elizabeth M. Smith.
William Q. Smith.
Lynn A. Smith.
Karen M. Smith.
James C. Smith.

Children of Russell F. Smith and Pauline M. Voosen

Victoria L. Smith.
Elizabeth A. Smith
James W. Smith.
David Smith.
Margaret R. Smith was born December 31, 1953 and died February of 1954.
Margaret R. Smith.

Children of Robert P. Smith and Dorothy Aldridge

Tony Smith.
Timothy W. Smith.

Kimberly S. Smith.

Child of Donald R. Smith and Barbara Bailey

Michael R. Smith.

Children of Richard Lee Smith and Elaine Emily Altrock

Valerie Gail Smith was born in Romulus, NY. She married and divorced Alan Brown.

Stephanie Lynn Smith was born in Amarillo, TX. She married James David Adams in Abilene TX. He was born in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Rebecca Lea Smith was born in Nouasseuer, Morrocco. She married Enrique Sanchez who was born in Havana, Cuba.

Angela C. Smith was born and died June 4, 1962 at Laughlin AFB, TX.

Brenda Kimberly Smith was born at Laughlin AFB, TX. She married Jeffrey A. Dubourg. He was born in New Orleans, LA.

5th Generation
Child of Valerie Gail Smith and Ronald B. Reilly of Kankakee, IL who was born April 26, 1947.

Tiffany D. Smith was born in Metaire, LA.

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