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Information quoted from a message from researcher, Richard H. Soard:

First let me state that my connection to the Swords in KY is speculative although I have a lot of circumstantial evidence. Much of my info comes from the research of the late Victor Wickersham, former congressman from Oklahoma who was descended from John Sword's brother Francis Sword. and research of Alice Gene Swartzell, whose late husband R.W. Swartzell was a 6th great grandson of John Sword.

John Sword born 1797 is one of four sons of Sarah Sword 1772-1832 and Francis Browning who were divorced around 1809 in VA. I am told that Virginia law at that time required the wife to use her maiden name when a divorce was approved by the state, so all her four sons were raised as Swords even though their father's surname was Browning.

Sarah is believed to be the daughter of Henry Sword of Washington county, based on an article written by a genealogist for a Pike county, KY historical society publication some years ago (I have a copy). It is also speculated from other records that Michael, a Revolutionary War Soldier, Philip (believed to be my ggg/gf) and perhaps a Henry and John were sons of Henry.

Washington county court records indicate an appraisement of Henry Sword's estate was ordered in 1777 and recorded in 1779. Other court records indicate that Archilius Dickenson was ordered to be the guardian of Philip Sword, "a poor boy about 10 in March of 1778". It is assumed that Philip is the orphan of Henry.

Sword's Creek, VA (now Russell county - formerly Washington county and its predecessors) according to legend was formed by Henry and Michael Sword, Longhunters, in the 1770's.

Children of Sarah Sword and Francis Browning were sons John, b. 1797 who m/1 Rebecca Ratliff in 1818; Francis Sword b.1800 who m/Susan Clark in 1823; Henry Sword b. abt 1802 who married Polly Mays in 1825; and Lucas Burton Sword b. 1807 and m/1 Malinda Robinson in 1828.

Assuming all this speculation is true about Henry Sword being the father of Michael, Philip, Sarah, and possibly Henry and John -- it is unknown where Henry came from. All of my family tradition indicates a Scots-Irish ancestry and there are some fairly specific stories.

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