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1st Generation
Carl Wilhelm Hilarius Stege Carl Wilhelm Hilarius Stege was born January 13, 1830 in Rosenfelde and died July 1, 1870 in Manistee, MI. He married Wilhelmine Blumke who was born February 23, 1833 and died July 25, 1900 in Eastlake, Manistee, MI. Wilhelmine Blumke

2nd Generation
Adolph Stege.

Gustav Stege

Gustav J. Stege was born April 26, 1858 and died June 1, 1945 in Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, WI. He married Wilhelmine C. Kreft on December 14, 1884 in Manistee, MI. She was born June 9, 1858 in GroB Podless, Berent, West Prussia, Prussia and died April 6, 1941 in Wauwatosa.

Minnie Kreft and Gust Stege
Carl J. Stege and Mathilda Schmelzer Carl Johann "Charlie" Stege was born May 9, 1864 and died June 20, 1925 in Manistee, MI. He married Mathilda Schmelzer on December 2, 1888 in Manistee. She was born in Monroe Co., OH and died in 1933.
Harriet Stege was born February 5, 1866 and died in 1873.

Nellie Stege was born March 7, 1868 in Manistee, Manistee Co., MI and died there on March 19, 1911. She was married there on March 27, 1892 to Charles Kopfer who was born in WI. He died April 11, 1904 in Lake Michigan off Point Sauble, Mason Co., MI. Their children were: Ruth Wilhelmine Louise Kopfer who was born April 13, 1893 in Manistee; Theodor August Carl Kopfer who was born January 23, 1895 in Manistee and died there on January 17, 1898; Ella Mathilde Kopfer who was born December 28, 1897 in Manistee and died February 24, 1898; Carl Louis August Kopfer who was born July 12, 1900 and died September 1984 in Dallas, TX.

Alma Johanne Stege was born March 21, 1870 in Manistee, MI and died May 17, 1957 in New Philadelphia, Tuscarawas Co., OH. She married [1] Otto Wilhelm Mix on March 4, 1891 in Manistee. She married [2] August Pirsig on March 7, 1906 in Manistee. He was born in Germany and died February 15, 1924 in Manistee. She married [3] Gustav F. L. Beyer who was born December 26, 1869 in GroB Podless, Berent, West Prussia and died October 25, 1935 in Manistee. The children of Alma and Otto Mix were: Henriette M. Mix who was born June 18, 1892 and married [1] Edward Schudlich and [2] George Poland; Rex August Ludwig Mix was born June 30, 1893 and died January 2, 1968. He married Alma Hensic who was born October 30, 1892 and died November 18, 1969. They were married in Manistee on December 28, 1918; Leo Emil Mix was born February 29, 1896 in Manistee.

Alma Stege with Henrietta and Rex Mix
Alma Stege with children Henrietta "Marguerite" and
Rex Mix

3rd Generation
Children of Gustav J. Stege and Wilhelmine C. Kreft
Carl A. Stege was born October 10, 1885 and died August 1972 in Racine, Racine Co., WI. Carl A. Stege  
Arthur August Stege was born December 6, 1886 in Eastlake, Manistee Co., MI and died on August 14, 1968 in Onekama, Manistee Co., MI. He was married October 28, 1914 in Manistee to Ida Hulda Sorenson who was born March 24, 1892 in Manistee and died March 9, 1986 in Racine, WI. Art and Ida Stege
Beair Family
Beair Family
Meta Hulda Stege was born December 3, 1888 in Eastlake, Manistee Co., MI and died March 28, 1976 in Racine, WI. She married Charles M. Beair who was born August 24, 1885 in Pleasanton Twp, Manistee Co., MI. They were married in Manistee on December 26, 1912. Meta Stege

Child of Carl Stege and Mathilda Schmelzer

George William Stege was born January 2, 1891 and died in 1954. He married Lillian C. W. Halter on July 15, 1914 in Manistee, Manistee Co., MI. She was born July 16, 1893 and died in December of 1982 in Manistee.

4th Generation
Children of Carl A. Stege

Charles J. Stege married Edith who was born July 12, 1915 and died March 20, 1989 in Racine, Racine Co., WI.

June Stege married Irving Sheriff.

Majorie Stege married Elmer H. Gewalt who was born September 14, 1919 and died in May of 1985.

Wallace Stege was born February 2, 1918 and died June 3, 1995 in Glen Ellyn, DuPage Co., IL.

Children of Arthur Stege and Ida Sorenson

  Ruth, Millie and Arne Leona Stege  
Ruth, Millie, Arne, Leona
Ruth Stege and Elmer Clark Ruth W. Stege was born in Racine WI. She married Elmer Clark on December 28, 1935 in Racine at St. John Lutheran Church. He was born in 1912 and died November 27, 1986. Their children are: Elaine, Raymond, Ronald, Judith and Elmer.
Mildred Jane Stege was born in Rachine WI. She married Corves Justin Storck on February 2, 1936 in Racine. He was born in 1915 and died October 23, 1983. Storck Family Their son, Lawrence, married Marjorie Swisher.
Arnold Arthur Stege was born August 19, 1919 in Racine, Racine Co., WI and died January 16, 1993 in Manistee, MI where he was married on June 23, 1945 in the Trinity Lutheran Church parsonage to Betty Jean Backie who was born July 15, 1925 in Browntown, Manistee Co., MI.
Arnold Stege and Betty Backie
Leona Stege and Clarence P. Gardner Leona Ida Stege was born in Manistee, MI. She married Clarence P. Gardner on June 9, 1945 at St. John's Lutheran Church in Racine, WI. Their children are: John who married Carol, Charles, Donna who married Robert Matson, and Darlene who married Robert Middleton.

5th Generation
Children of Arnold Stege and Betty Backie

Jerry Arnold Stege was born in Manistee, MI.

Jeffrey Jean Stege was born in Manistee, MI and married Jody Anne Gillis.

Karen Sue Stege was born in Manistee, MI and married Philip John "Skip" Kuczynski of Manistee. Their children are Emily Jean, Rebekah Rose and Ellen Elizabeth Kuczynski.

6th Generation
Children of Jeffrey Stege and Jody Gellis

Sarah Elizabeth Stege.
Jessica Anne Stege.

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