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Co-Researcher Patty Brock

Stratton/Strutton Family
Joel H. Stratton Family


1st Generation
HEZEKIAH STRUTTON was born in 1752 Wilkes, Co, NC, and died in Macon Co., NC.. He married Sussanah. He is buried in a cemetery between Franklin and Hayesville. Wilkes Co., NC Taxables show:

1793 - Hezekiah owned 100 acres
1795 - Owned 100 acres
1796 - Owned 200 acres
1797 - Owned 200 acres
1799 - Owned 200 acres
1805 - Owned 350 acres

Deed books show that he owned property in Wilkes Co. until 1812.

2nd Generation
Absolum's grave ABSOLUM STRUTTON was born in 1772 in North Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co., NC and died August 8, 1852 probably in TN. He married Darcus Shearman on October 25, 1806 in Wilkes Co., NC. According to a story related by a Stratton researcher, Absolum was visiting his son John who "lived at Stratton Meadow, in a big two-story log house about 200 yards inside Tennessee...Absolum got sick and he and others in the family knew he was going to die. Since he did not fear death, they discussed it freely. John and some of his sons cut a large tree and from it they hewed a coffin. Ablsoum said he liked Tennessee and North Carolina equally well and wanted to be buried in both states. They buried him astride the line, with his head in Carolina and his feet in TN." Children
SALLEY STRUTTON was born in Wilkes County, NC and died February 19, 1848 in Hancock Co., TN. She was married June 30, 1802 in Wilkes Co., NC to William Mills Jr. Salley and William had the following children: JOSEPH (JOEL)3MILLS, b. 1803, Wilkes County, NC; d. 1863, Hancock County, Tennessee; JOHN MILLS, b. 1805, NC; d. 1873; HEZEKIAH MILLS, b. 1809, Burke County, NC; d. June 8, 1871, Hancock County, TN; WILLIAM RILEY MILLS, b. 1810, Burke County, NC; NANCY MILLS, b. 1811; d. 1862; m. MARSHALL WEBB; MARY "POLLY" MILLS, b. 1814, Hawkins County, TN; d. 1882; CECLIA MILLS, b. June 2, 1817, Hawkins County, TN; d. December 27, 1901, Lake City, Kansas; m. STERLING HAYES, September 22, 1833, Tennessee.
LEONA "ONEY" STRUTTON married [1] John Sisk on April 14, 1798 in Wilkes Co., NC. She married [2] LEWIS HOW, December 15, 1814.
SUCKY STRUTTON, m. BRITTON SIMS, June 1, 1801, Wilkes County, NC.
RODY STRATTON, m. GEO A. GOBLE, November 2, 1827, Burke Co., NC.

3rd Generation
Children of Absolum Strutton and Darcus Shearman:

JOHN STRUTTON was born October 11, 1799 in NC and died July 9, 1862 in TN. He married Alydia Clark who was born January 18, 1795 in NC and died November 9, 1874 in TN. They were married April 16, 1820. John was a captain in the Blount county militia and participated in the Cherokee removal ca. 1839.


Excerpted from "History of Western North Carolina - County History" - John and Robert Stratton came from Monroe county, Tenn., in the thirties and settled on the Unaka mountains between the head of the Sassafras ridge and Santeetla creek. John lived on the John Stratton Bald ten years and caught 19 panthers on the Laurel Top, making "bacon" of their hams and shoulders. He came with nothing but his rifle, blanket, skillet and ammunition, but made enough herding cattle and selling deer and bear hams and hides, etc., to buy a fine farm in Monroe county, Tenn. On a (c)rude stone on the John Stratton meadow is carved:

Stratton Meadows
Stratton Meadows in 1954
Photo courtesy of Sam Sneed, a McMinn Co. TN researcher.

A. S.

Was born


Died 1839

A State Line stone stands about a quarter of a mile away.

Sassafras Ridge Sassafras Ridge
Lydia's Will Children
RICHARD STRATTON, b. 1810, NC; d. 1874, Calderwood, Blount Co., TN. He married LYDIA TAYLOR July 7, 1830 in Wilkes Co., NC. Richard was killed by John Cochran. CHILDREN

4th Generation
Children of John Strutton and Alydia Clark:


NELSON T. STRATTON, b. April 4, 1821.
ROBERT STRUTTON was born 1825 in Blount County, TN, and died September 4, 1864 in Graham Co., NC - Jenkins/Santeetlah Baptist Church Cemetery. He married NARCISSUS NICHOLS May 25, 1845 in Blount Co., TN (Source: Family Tree Achives CD #229). He served in the 59th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company G, CSA. According to records found by a Stratton researcher, Robert moved a few miles from his father's place to a spot still called Bob Bald and built a rude hut with a chimney. He lived there with his wife Narcissus and eight children. On September 2, 1864, he set out to hunt a stray cow. He carried a new rifle and Jackson Roberts went with him. As they came down the road through Ball Play community in Monroe County, Stratton noticed a paper in the road. It was trap. As he leaned over to pick it up the Kirkland Bushwhackers killed him with a volley of shots that also wounded Roberts. Roberts hid in a pile of wood, the bushwhackers took Bob's new rifle and left-Roberts died two days later. CHILDREN
SALLY ANN STRATTON, b. October 17, 1827; d. July 30, 1897. WILL
JOHN WESLEY STRATTON, b. February 11, 1829; d. February 5, 1914. He married RHODA JANE ANDERSON November 30, 1850 in Monroe Co., TN (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.) He served as a captain in the 59th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, Company G, CSA. CHILDREN
JOEL H. STRATTON was born about 1831 in TN and died there September 15, 1853. He was married to Elizabeth A. Davis on March 6, 1851 in Monroe Co., TN. She was born about 1831 in TN. Joel died young from unknown cause. He appears on the census in 1850 with his parents. By 1860 he is gone leaving a widow and young son. Child
LUCINDA CAROLINE STRATTON was born 1834. She married ELIAS TURNER GLENN December 29, 1857. They had the following children: JAMES F. GLENN, b. Abt. 1860, TN; d. Abt. 1880, Gonzales, TX. He died of consumption at age 20; WILLIAM GLENN, b. Abt. 1863, TN; d. January 1870, Smith Co., TX He died of dropsy.
SIDNEY E. STRATTON was born January 15, 1836 in TN and died June 22, 1910. He was married November 20, 1866 in Monroe Co., TN to Margaret Stephens. CHILDREN
Children of Richard Stratton and Lydia Taylor:
DARCUS JANE STRATTON, b. 1836, TN; m. JNO Q. WRIGHT, March 2, 1856, Blount Co., TN. (Source: USGENWEB, Blount Co., Marriages.)
EVALINE (GUEDE) STRATTON, b. 1845, TN; m. (1) M. DILLS; m. (2) GEORGE NICHOLS, July 1, 1865, Blount Co., TN (Source: Marriages Blount Co., TN - GenWeb.). This second marriage lists Evaline as a STRUTTON.
ANDREW J. (JACK) STRATTON was born October 1835 in Blount Co., TN, and died 1903 in Graham Co., NC - Jenkins Cemetery. He married AVA (ELIZA) RUSSELL. CHILDREN
RICHARD STRATTON was born April 9, 1842 in TN, and died October 15, 1915 in Macon Co., TN - Happy Top Cemetery. He married SUSAN PHILLIPS June 3, 1864 in Yellow Creek, Cherokee County (now Graham County). CHILDREN

5th Generation
Children of Robert Stratton and Narcissus Nichols:
ELIZABETH (BETSY) ANN STRATTON, b. Abt. 1850 m. GEORGE W. SLOAN, January 12, 1890.
JOHN STRATTON, b. 1847 and killed in the Civil War on October 3, 1864, Graham Co., NC. He is buried next to his parents in Jenkins/Santeetlah Baptist Church Cemetery.
SARAH STRATTON, b. March 20, 1861; d. September 20, 1948; m. C. B. (SQUINT) COOPER.
CHARLES STRUTTON, b. 1858, m. SARAH LOUISE GRIBBLE, February 1, 1882, Macon County, N.C
THOMAS STRUTTON, b. 1852; m. (1) JESSIE DEHART; m. (2) SAPHRONIA ODOM, March 23, 1883, Graham Co. (Source: Graham Co. Marriages 1872 to 1925). Her second marriage took place at the residence of James Roops. John Grant was the minister and the witnesses were Good Odom and D. A. Stewart.
DARCUS STRATTON, b. Abt. 1856; m. GEORGE W. GIVENS, August 26, 1880, Monroe Co., TN.
Children of John Stratton and Rhoda Anderson:
STEPHEN LAFAYETTE STRATTON, b. August 10, 1853 (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.); d. August 29, 1933; m. MARY JANE SLOAN, November 30, 1881. WILL
WILLIAM (BILL) PARKER STRATTON, b. April 20, 1856 (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.); d. May 5, 1931. WILL
HARRIETT STRATTON, b. December 12, 1858 (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.); d. April 4, 1902; m. WILEY JOHN PEARSON.
SUSAN STRATTON, b. 1861 (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.).
SULFONA STRATTON, b. July 21, 1861 (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.); d. December 1, 1944.
CLARA CLEARY CAROLINE STRATTON, b. August 2, 1864 (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.); d. August 20, 1902; m. WASH KILPATRICK, October 4, 1900.
JOHN CROPHERS STRATTON, b. 1867 (Source: Monroe County Tennessee Heritage 1819 - 1997.).
MOLLY JANE STRATTON, b. October 11, 1869; m. SAMUEL ANDREW KILPATRICK, February 2, 1904.
NELSON ANDERSON STRATTON, b. November 20, 1851, TN; d. 1935, Loudon Co., TN; m. MARY E. SLOAN, January 29, 1874, TN.
Children of Joel Stratton and Elizabeth Davis:
JOEL H. STRATTON was born January 31, 1853 in TN and died September 15, 1921. He married Margaret Ann Rogers on May 14, 1872 in Monroe Co., TN. She was born January 12, 1853 in TN and died September 15, 1929. Children Joel and Margaret Stratton
Children of Sidney Stratton and Margaret Stephens:
LYDIA STRATTON, b. December 22, 1861; d. August 15, 1944; m. (1) SAM FREEMAN, Abt. 1905; m. (2) MCCAGE ROBERT MURPHY, August 18, 1917, Monroe Co., TN. Papers said he was 109 when he died.
SYNTHA STRATTON, b. November 21, 1867; d. January 20, 1919; m. JOHN L. (JACK) BROOKS, July 26, 1894.
JOHN H. STRATTON, b. November 21, 1870; d. June 5, 1950; m. DENIA HENSLEY, April 22, 1900 in a ceremony performed by J. W. Ware, Jr.
NELSON STRATTON, b. March 31, 1873; d. September 14, 1940; m. SARAH SLOAN, January 11, 1908.
LULA STRATTON, b. November 18, 1879; d. October 3, 1943; m. JIM R. CURTIS, April 7, 1901.
Children of Andrew Stratton and Ava Russell:
ROBERT (BOB) STRATTON, b. 1855, TN; d. 1928, Graham Co., NC - Lone Oak Cemetery; m. CANDACE CARRINGER, December 30, 1877, Graham Co. (Source: Graham Co. Marriages 1872 to 1925.). They were married at the residence of Andrew Phillips by Davania Parker. The witnesses were John Grant and P.M. Carringer.
CHARLES B. STRATTON, b. Abt. 1872, Graham Co., NC; d. November 1896; m. FLORENCE CARRINGER, September 2, 1890, Graham Co. - Yellow Creek (Source: Graham Co. Marriages 1872 to 1925.). They were married at Yellow Creek Baptist Church by A. Wall. Witnesses were F.M. Carringer, Jno Nichols and Jno Stratton.
Children of Richard Stratton and Susan Phillips:
MANDA B. STRATTON, b. February 23, 1870; d. June 9, 1903, Macon Co, TN - Happy Top Cemetery.
KAIR STRATTON, b. October 30, 1872; d. February 14, 1906, TN, Happy Top Cemetery.
DICIE STRATTON, b. January 31, 1874; d. April 3, 1934; m. HARVE LOWE.
CHARLIE STRATTON, b. January 9, 1883; m. JOYCE REED.
A. J. (JACKIE) STRATTON, b. June 30, 1886; m. MILLSAPS MAE, December 14, 1900.
DALLAS STRATTON, b. August 7, 1886; d. May 1968, TN (Source: Social Security Death Index).
DINAH STRATTON, b. September 4, 1888; m. GROVER MILLSAPS.
ARMINDA STRATTON, b. February 12, 1891; d. November 15, 1892, TN, Happy Top Cemetery.
MAE STRATTON, b. December 31, 1869; m. OTIS PHILLIPS. Otis worked as a Graham Co. Policeman.
JOHN D. STRATTON, b. January 4, 1867; d. January 18, 1940, Graham Co., NC - Lone Oak Cemetery; m. MARGARET C. MORGAN, February 20, 1890, Graham Co. (Source: Graham Co. Marriages 1872 to 1925.). They were married at the residence of P.L. Jenkins.

6th Generation
Children of Joel H. Stratton and Margaret Ann Rogers:
NANCY E. STRATTON was born December 28, 1874 in TN and died March 26, 1944. She married Noah Hawkins who was born March 3, 1873. They had a child named Earl Hawkins. Nancy and Noah Hawkins
James and Sally SARAH "SALLY" ANN STRATTON was born February 29, 1876 in TN and died January 1920. She married James Washington Stiles who was born about 1877 in TN and died February 26, 1929 in Hamilton Co., TN. They were married August 3, 1897 in Monroe Co., TN.
WILLIAM A. STRATTON was born August 7, 1878 in TN. He married Martha Rogers.
JOEL H. STRATTON was born November 16, 1888. He was married September 22, 1906 in Monroe Co., TN to Mary Collins. Child Mary Collins
LAURA B. STRATTON was born January 1, 1891 in TN. She married [1] W. E. Logan on June 21, 1907. He was born February 29, 1876 and died July 22, 1928. She married [2] D. W. Bird on December 15, 1920. He was born in December of 1890.

ROBERT L. STRATTON was born January 18, 1893 in T. He married Lilly Page who was born June 20, 1892.

Nettie NETTIE STRATTON was born June 8, 1895 in TN and died September of 1920. She was married briefly to [1] Will Wright (4-24-1909 to 12-7-1909). Chancery Record Excerpts from Divorce (Courtesy of Patty Brock) She married [2] Will R. Carter on September 30, 1912.

7th Generation
Child of Joel H. Stratton and Mary Collins:


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