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1st Generation
John Thomas Sword was born May 24, 1797 in Russel Co./Washington Co., VA. He died September 21, 1876 in Pikeville, Pike Co., KY. He was married [1] on September 20, 1818 in Floyd Co., KY to Rebecca Ratliff. She was born July 30, 1804 in VA and died August 24, 1871 in Pikeville (Island Creek?), Pike Co., KY. He married [2] the widow Margaret S. (Fife) on July 24, 1872 in Pike Co., KY in the Clerk of Courts Office. She was born on July 19, 1819 and died November 23, 1897. According to the 1850 Pikeville, Pike Co., KY census, John was a farmer. He served in the War of 1812 and filed a pension for that service (Claim No. 19,416). He enlisted in 1815 in Captain John Hammond's Company regiment of the VA Militia. According to his Widow's Brief, certificate #19,771, Claim #22097, he served from August 2, 1814 to February 22, 1815 as a private and was awarded a land Bounty (n. 3q638-80-55). He was discharged at Norfolk. At the time of enlistment was about 18, occupation farmer, about 5'10" tall with dark hair, blue eyes and fair complexion.

As we get further back in time, it's not always possible to make absolute connections. We are left with reasoned speculation. This may be all we ever have to go on for taking this line back a generation. A researcher sent me some very compelling speculation about John's parents which you might find interesting: Parents? Children

Francis Sword was born about 1800 (age 50 at time of 1850 Pike Co. KY census.) He married Susan Clark in 1823 according to one researcher. Children

Henry Sword was born about 1802 and married Polly Mays in 1825.

Lucas Burton Sword was born in 1807 and married [1]Malinda "Bell" Robinson, June 5, 1828 and [2]Mary Ann (Miller), December 6, 1858.

2nd Generation
Children of John Sword and Rebecca Ratliff

Sarah Sword married James Houston on September 12, 1841.

William H. Sword was born October 26, 1819 in Pikeville, Pike Co., KY and died at Island Creek, Pike Co., KY on June 22, 1902. He married [1] Christina Ramey on March 25, 1841 at Island Creek. She was born on November 9, 1823 in KY and died at Island Creek in April of 1872. He married [2] Malinda Cummerson Ford (Damron?) before 1891. She died April 2, 1884. He married [3] the widow Elizabeth Nickels (Damron) at the County Clerks Office on October 26, 1891. She died May 7, 1928. According to an article in the East Kentuckian of December 1968, William was enrolled in the Union Army as a private of Co. K, 39th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Oct. 26, 1862 at Peach Orchard, KY. He was captured by the Confederates in Pike County, August 27, 1863 and was confined at Richmond, Virginia. His normal occupation was farming. Children

Richard P. Sword was born in 1823. He married [1] Phoebe Hall on December 26, 1844. He married [2] the widow Susan L. (Lykens) on November 22, 1859.

Martha Sword was born in 1828 in KY. She married James A. Kennard on August 26, 1852 in Pike Co., KY.

James E. Sword was born in 1831 and died June 5, 1866. He was married on July 17, 1848 in Pike Co., to Cena A. Compton. Child

Frances Magnell (Magnall?) Sword was born in 1832 in Pike, KY. She married Solomon King Damron who was born December 26, 1827 in East St. Louis, St. Claire, IL. He died June 19, 1892 in Osceola, St. Clair, MO. They married on January 4, 1849 in Pikeville, Pike Co.

Rebecca Sword was born about 1832 in KY. She married James W. Johnson on August 14, 1852 in Pike Co., KY.

Mary Sword was born in 1834 in KY and married William F. Compton on March 31, 1851.

Malinda Sword was born in 1841 in KY. She married William P. Chaney on April 1, 1858 in Pike Co., KY.

Virginia Sword was born in 1843 in Pike Co., KY and died in 1931 in Island Creek, Pike Co., KY. She married James G. Burke on August 2, 1859 in Pike Co.

Elizabeth Sword was born in 1848 in KY. She married John Fiddler on April 7, 1880 in Pike Co., KY.

John M. Sword was born August 21, 1850. He married [1] Virginia Robinson on July 1, 1869. She was born on December 19, 1843 and died on June 18, 1927. He married [2] Virginia Ramey Sword who died in 1927. Child

Children of Francis Sword and Susan Clark

MALINDA SWORD, b. ABT 1826 (Source: 1850 Pike Co. KY Census)

WM. J. SWORD, b. ABT 1827 (Source: 1850 Pike Co. KY Census)

ELIZABETH SWORD, b. ABT 1832 (Source: 1850 Pike Co. KY Census)

SARAH SWORD, b. ABT 1836 (Source: 1850 Pike Co. KY Census)

MARY SWORD, b. ABT 1839 (Source: 1850 Pike Co. KY Census)

LOUISA SWORD, b. ABT 1842 (Source: 1850 Pike Co. KY Census)

SARELDA(?) A. SWORD, b. ABT 1846 (Source: 1850 Pike Co. KY Census)

3rd Generation
Children of William H. Sword and Christina Ramey

Tabitha Sword married William Osborn on June 3, 1875.

John W. Sword was born about 1842 in KY. He married Matilda Clay on April 1, 1861.

Elizabeth Sword was born December 22, 1842 in KY and died march 31, 1926. She married [1] Liburn Dye on August 15, 1859. She married [2] Thomas D. Marrs on December 21, 1895.

Moses Sword was born on August 22, 1844 at Island Creek, Pike Co., KY and died there in August of 1908. He married Mary Watson at Island Creek on October 27, 1868. She was born April 30, 1851 in Floyd Co., KY and died about 1887 at Island Creek. Child

William Sword was born about 1846 in KY. He married Margaret Brewer. Children

Kenas F. Sword was born on April 8, 1847 in KY and died May 3, 1898. She married Eunice Hamilton.

James M. Sword was born on July 24, 1848 in KY.

Marinda J. Sword was born on January 4, 1849 in KY and died January 5, 1928. She married John W. Sturgill on March 5, 1873.

Marian Sword was born on February 10, 1850.

Thomas J. Sword was born on February 11, 1852. He married [1] Margaret Robinson on December 8, 1877. She was born May 18, 1866 and died September 17, 1925. He married [2] Nancy E. Phillips on March 6, 1907. She was born on November 15, 1858 and died May 5, 1921. Children

Henry Sword was born in 1853.

FRANCIS MARION SWORD (STURGEON), b. December 19, 1854; d. December 16, 1953.

Lucas Sword was born December 7, 1857 and died December 1, 1942. He married Malinda J. Ford.

Rebecca Sword was born on September 4, 1859. She died July 3, 1943. Rebecca married William J. Ford on August 8, 1874. He was born in 1854 and died in 1918.

Anna Sword b. August 1861.

Child of James E. Sword and Cena A. Compton

John Sword

Child of John M. Sword and Virginia Robinson

John Sword was born July 7, 1880 and died July 8, 1963. He married Martha J. Sword who was born April 10, 1887.

4th Generation
Child of Moses Sword and Mary Watson

James M. Sword was born August 27, 1875 in Island Creek, Pike Co., KY and died June 24, 1923 in Crandon, Forest Co., WI. He married Mary Lowe who was born on February 10, 1880 in Lomansville, Johnson Co., KY and died August 18, 1926 in Crandon.

Children of William Sword and Margaret Brewer

John M. Sword was born March 20, 1872 and died October 6, 1947. He married Mattie Sword.

Thomas Sword was born August 20, 1869 and died in 1920.

Anzie Sword married Butler Tibbs.

Children of Thomas J. Sword and Margaret Robinson

Lawrence Sword was born in 1883 and died in 1955. He married [1] Mecie Ford and [2] Virginia Tompson.

Martha J. Sword was born April 10, 1887. She married John Sword who was born July 7, 1880 and died July 8, 1963.

Ethel Sword was born January 25, 1892.

This page is dedicated to the granddaughter of Mary Mesa Damron, who did most of the research reflected here, then generously shared her decades of work.

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