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1st Generation
Stephen Ulrey was born in Germany and died about 1787 in Washington Co., PA. He married Susanna. Stephen Ulrey is reported to have migrated to America early in the 1700s along with two brothers from the Palatinate or Rhenish provinces of Germany, most likely by way of Holland or England. The name is given as Vullery, Ullery, Ulery, Ulrey and sometimes Ulry. It is believed that the original German spelling may have been Ulrich. A Mr. Gayman who was a long time neighbor of the Ulrey's reported that " the Ulrey's were leaders, disliked Germany, married English women, and spoke English in their homes." Mr. Gayman further stated that "Stephen was a very strong man carrying timber for eight men at a barn raising." There are unconfirmed indications that he may have spent time in Frederick Co. Maryland and in Eastern Pa. possibly Adams, Bucks, or Berks Co. before settling in a region of Va. which later became Washington Co. Pa. It is reported that he settled in this area before 1771. He initially filed a tomahawk claim (by marking trees) on approximately 480 acres of land in the Ten Mile Creek area of Monongalia Co. Va. He named this farm "Cranberry" Some time later the claim was in danger by land speculators and Stephen rode to Philadelphia to legally register his claim. There was some litigation over his original tomahawk claim which lasted for several years. Eventually the state of Pennsylvania granted a deed to his heirs (Stephen had passed on). The deed was dated March 27, 1787, and is in the Patent Book, # 8, page 383. The deed was recorded on sheepskin and was in the possession of Abner Ulrey who still lived on the family farm in 1928.

It is reported that Stephen was accidentally killed while hunting. He was chasing a wild turkey when he tripped over a tree root and plunged over a cliff where he was impaled on a tree. He managed to free himself and make his way back to his farm where he told his family where they could find his hat and his rifle and then died. It is believed that he is buried in the family burying ground on the farm, but his grave is not marked. His will is dated February 4, 1778 and in it he left one third of his movable estate and one third of his land (unless she remarries) to his wife Susanna. He left thirty pounds to his daughter Susanna. To his sons John, Daniel, Jacob, Stephen, and David, he left the remaining property to be divided equally with an extra ten pounds going to John.

2nd Generation
JOHN ULREY was born 1766, and died April 7, 1824 in Washington Co. PA. He married ELIZABETH ARNOLD. John Ulrey was a man of medium height, of heavy build and great muscular strength, but his wife was very tall which accounts for so many of the Ulreys which followed being tall. John was a farmer and owned a large farm (Washington Co. PA.) with a good stone house on it, on this farm they raised a family of 10 children, none of which died younger than 65 and none living to be older than 80 (information from a document from the State Library of Ohio titled Ulrey family of Ohio and Pennsylvania).

John is said to have been a veteran of the Revolutionary War, though with his birth date being 1766, he must have been very young and would have served near the end of the war. His war record is as follows: Pennsylvania Archives series V, volume 4, page 424. He was a Washington Co. private, Washington Co. Militia (C) Continental Line, Depreciation pay. Captain Andrew Swearinger, Liet. John Swearingen.

Another service record states that he served as a ranger on the frontier as follows: " Pa. Archives III, series vol., 23, page 203. Washington Co. Rangers on the frontier 1778 to 1783."

After the death of his father, John was appointed guardian for his siblings. The action was recorded in the Orphans Court, dated May 1, 1787.

John resided on the family farm in a stone house and his father lived on the other side of the valley in another stone house. They were in plain sight of each other. John is buried on the farm near the stone house in which he lived. Children

DANIEL ULREY, m. SARAH MILLER. Daniel is said to have served in the War of 1812. He moved to Warren Co. Ohio.

JACOB ULREY, b. ABT 1768; m. HANNA WEST. Jacob was a powerfully built man, six foot, three inches, in stature, not fat, but sinewy and stalwart. He served with General Anthony Wayne in the campaign against the Indians which culminated in their defeat at the Battle of Maumee (Fallen Timbers) August 20, 1794. On one occasion Jacob, with several members of his company of mounted riflemen, were detailed to scour the wilderness some distance from the line of march and as they returned to camp rode into an ambush, but they escaped with the loss of one man. Jacob discovering that he was pursued by an Indian on horse back, dismounted and from behind a tree shot the Indian. While in the act of scalping his foe his own horse bolted, and he had a race for his life, pursued by yelling Indians, some of whom were mounted. By fleetness of foot and dodging through swamps, he finally reached camp, with no desire to repeat the performance. One of the horses was killed and the volunteers, panic stricken, began to shout for each man to save himself. A wounded soldier fell victim to the tomahawk of the Indians and was killed. Jacob was of the opinion that, but for the panic, this man could have been saved. Information from Mr. Jacob Gayman as related to Mrs. Ara Crumrine. Jacob ended up living in Clermont Co. Ohio.


STEPHEN ULREY was born 1771 in VA ?, and died June 22, 1826 in West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA. He married ANNA CHRISTINA KUNCKLE 1794 in West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA. Stephen was said to have been a Captain in the War of 1812. Children


3rd Generation

DANIEL ULREY, m. MARY HARROD. Daniel was a farmer who lived in Knox Co. Ohio and later moved to Clark Co. Illinois.


JOHN ULREY, m. MARY STOCKDALE. John settled, after marriage, in Franklin Township, Morrow Co. Ohio.

MARY ULREY, m. (1) JOHN WOOD; m. (2) DAVID EWER. It appears that Mary remained in Pennsylvania rather than moving to Ohio as her brothers had.

AGNES ULREY was born March 16, 1781 in Washington Co. PA., and died March 27, 1853 in Knox Co. Ohio. She married MICHAEL HARROD. Michael Harrod and his wife Agnes were noted pioneers, among the first settlers in Knox Co. Ohio. Michael built the second brick house in the township, which was blown down by the Burlington storm. Agnes with an infant in arms was injured but the infant was not. The children attended school in the first school in the township. Information from: The History of Knox Co., 1881. Children of AGNES ULREY and MICHAEL HARROD are: JOHN, CHARLOTTE HARROD, LEVI HARROD, DAVID, and ELIZABETH HARROD.

STEPHEN ULREY was born 1789 in Washington Co. PA. He married JANE CRANE. Stephen is credited with having laid out the town of Marianna in Washington Co. Pennsylvania. He is also said to have built the brick M.E. church about 1840. Children

DAVID ULREY was born August 23, 1791 in Washington Co. PA., and died October 12, 1859 in Knox Co. Ohio. He married (1) MARY MATTHEWS ABT 1813. Children He married (2) MARGARET DURBAN ABT 1833. Children David's farm in Knox Co. Ohio had a brick house on it and in the early days one large room was used for church services, he being an ardent primitive Baptist. There was a bapistry under the floor. There are indications that he owned land in Allen Co. Ohio at one time. David is buried in Union Cemetery near Gambier Ohio.

GEORGE ULREY, b. April 21, 1797; m. DOROTHY PHILLIPS. George was the twin brother of Jacob. George settled in Clermont Co. Ohio.

JACOB ULREY was born April 21, 1797 in Washington Co., PA, and died June 4, 1870 in Harmony, Morrow Co., OH. He married CHRISTINA ALENDER. Jacob Ulrey was the twin of George. Children

JOSEPH ULREY was born March 15, 1802 in Washington Co. PA., and died November 10, 1882 in Harmony, Morrow Co. OH. He married SARAH HUPP 1827 in PA., daughter of GEORGE HUPP and ELEANOR ROBERSON. Joseph attended school some in his early days, he also learned to weave and followed the same for many years. He migrated to Morrow Co. Ohio from Washington Co. Pennsylvania in 1834. In Morrow Co. he owned a fine farm of 205 acres. Joseph was an early member of the Ebenezer Church, which is described as an old school Baptist church. He votes the Democratic ticket, and is an intelligent, industrious man who takes interest in educating his children. From " History of Morrow Co." Children


MARGARET CHRISTINA ULREY was born December 6, 1796 in West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA, and died October 8, 1880 in Wenona, Marshall Co. IN. She married GEORGE ADAM WISE ABT 1815, son of ADAM WISE and MARIA ZOLLARS. Children of MARGARET ULREY and GEORGE WISE are: MARIA WISE, b. February 16, 1816, Washington Co. PA; d. August 8, 1897, Marshall Co. IL; m. ABRAHAM HOGE, February 26, 1839, ELIZABETH WISE, b. June 20, 1818, Zollarsville, Washington Co. PA; d. January 20, 1909, Marshall Co. IL; m. JOHN GRIM, STEPHEN ULERY WISE, b. August 29, 1820, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. October 1, 1860, KS; m. MARIE WILEY, HANNAH JANE WISE, b. October 22, 1822, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. February 15, 1903, Reserve, Brown Co. KS, JACKSON WISE, b. November 1825, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. June 4, 1853, Greene Co. PA; m. ELIZABETH WHITLACH, MORGAN WISE, b. May 29, 1828, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. June 22, 1910, IA; m. JANE HOGE, June 16, 1852, GEORGE ADAM WISE, b. September 17, 1833, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. IL; m. ELIZABETH SEINE, ISABEL ULERY WISE, b. October 11, 1835, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. April 15, 1896, IA, MARGARET CHRISTIANNA WISE, b. June 28, 1836, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. December 14, 1876; m. WASHINGTON I. CALVIN, June 5, 1860, MATILDA WISE, b. June 16, 1839, Ruffs Creek, Greene Co. PA; d. November 15, 1905; m. SAMUEL A. CLARK.

CATHERINE ULREY, b. 1799; m. ABEL MILLS, 1816. Catherine and her husband are buried in a cemetery near Winona, Illinois.

DAVID ULREY, b. 1801; d. 1878.

STEPHEN ULREY was born 1804 in West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA, and died April 13, 1871 in Zollarsville, Washington Co. PA. He married ELIZA ZOLLARS ABT 1840, daughter of JACOB ZOLLARS and HANNAH WISE. Children

DANIEL ULREY, b. 1807.

HANNAH ULREY, b. 1809.

JACOB ULREY, b. 1803.

SIMON ULREY, b. 1810; d. 1895.

JOHN ULREY, b. 1811, Washington Co. PA.; d. 1831, Washington Co. Pa. John is buried on family farm next to his Uncle John.

SUSAN ULREY, b. 1813; m. MR. LILLY.


ELI ULREY, b. 1817.

HENRY ULREY, b. 1819. Henry took a load of merchandise to New Orleans and never returned.

4th Generation
Children of STEPHEN ULREY and JANE CRANE are:











Children of DAVID ULREY and MARY MATTHEWS are:

VALENTINE ULREY was born April 29, 1814 in Washington Co. PA., and died August 13, 1884. He married LYDIA A. CLOSE June 4, 1858 in Ohio. He was brought to Knox Co. from Washington Co. PA in 1817. He went to Illinois in 1840, staying three years and teaching school. He also had a grist mill in Holmes Co., known as Thompson and Ulrey. Information from: The History of Knox Co. Ohio. About 1868 Valentine purchased the old homestead of his father David. He had been postmaster at Gambier, and Justice of the Peace, and Clerk in Harrison Township. He and his wife were members of Disciple Church. Children

WILLIAM ULREY was born July 28, 1816 in Washington Co. PA., and died March 15, 1849 in Allen co. Ohio. He married (1) PHOEBE SLEATER August 21, 1836 in Mt. Vernon Ohio. He married (2) JEMIMA VAUGHN ABT 1848. William's father David was opposed to William going to the wilds of Allen Co. Ohio, saying " You will have to eat your mush without salt." He died from drinking tainted milk. William is buried in the Stevenson Cemetery, Perry Township, Allen Co. Ohio. Phoebe also died from drinking tainted milk and is buried in the Stevenson Cemetery in Perry Township, Allen Co. Ohio. Children

JOHN ULREY, b. September 1, 1819; d. September 30, 1844. He is buried in Union Cemetery, Knox Co. Ohio.

STEPHEN ULREY, b. May 20, 1821; d. September 24, 1846. He is buried in Union Cemetery, Knox Co. Ohio.

ELIZABETH ULREY, b. April 17, 1823; d. St. Johns, Auglaize Co. Ohio; m. (1) JAMES MADISON BESSE, February 14, 1844; m. (2) JOHN BRACKNEY, May 28, 1849. She is buried in the cemetery at St. Johns, Auglaize Co. Ohio.

AMY ULREY, b. July 26, 1825.

JANE ULREY, b. September 2, 1828, Knox Co. Ohio; d. April 17, 1887; m. JAMES HARVEY LUSK, May 26, 1849. Jane came to Allen Co. Ohio in 1846 and after her marriage she moved to Clay Township, Auglaize Co. Ohio.

THAMER ULREY, b. February 14, 1830; d. November 28, 1849. She is buried in the Stevenson Cemetery in Perry Township, Allen Co. Ohio.


DAVID ULREY, b. August 28, 1834.

MARY ULREY, b. July 22, 1836; d. September 3, 1860.

EDWARD ULREY, b. February 13, 1838.

HUGH ULREY, b. March 15, 1840.

HANNAH ULREY, b. June 13, 1842.


DEMAS ULREY, b. 1824, Washington Co. PA.; d. 1842, Morrow Co. OH.

DAVID ULREY was born January 29, 1827 in Washington Co. PA, and died January 7, 1907 in Harmony Township, Morrow Co., OH. He married MALINDA BENNETT October 13, 1853 in Harmony Township, Morrow Co., OH. Children

JOHN A. ULREY, b. December 28, 1829, Morgan Twp. Knox Co. OH; d. January 8, 1907, Lincoln Twp. Morrow Co. OH; m. ELIZABETH STOCKDALE, February 17, 1858.

LUCINDA ULREY, b. 1834, Knox Co. Ohio; d. 1855, Morrow Co. OH.

ELIZABETH ULREY, b. 1837, Knox Co. Ohio; d. 1859, Morrow Co. OH.

Silas O. Ulrey was born April 18, 1838 in Morrow Co., OH and died after 1900 in TN(?). He was married on January 14, 1861 to Millie Allen who was born December of 1837 in KY and died after 1900 in TN(?). Silas Ulrey obtained a good common school education and engaged for many terms in teaching school, in which he was successful, proving himself prepared to master all undertakings. He also worked at ambrotyping (early form of photography) for eight months with V. B. Bean; was married to Millie a daughter of Henry and Jane Leatherman Allen, of Ohio Co. Kentucky. They settled for awhile in Kentucky and Dec. 1869, they came to the place of his nativity (Harmony Township, Morrow Co. Ohio), and engaged in farming for his father, who owned 84 acres, which he willed to his four sons after his death. Silas bought one share and now owns 42 acres of the old homestead, which is fine tillable land. He has faithfully served this township as Clerk nine years, and is Land Appraiser for 1880. He votes the Democratic ticket. ( From selected biographies of Morrow Co. residents written about 1880.) In 1900 Silas and Millie appear on the census living in Bradley Co. Tennessee. Their grandson Murry Triplet (age 17) is living with them. Children

GEORGE W. ULREY was born August 5, 1842 in Radnor Twp. Delaware Co. OH, and died January 30, 1918 in Morrow Co. OH. He married ZILPHA L. MORRIS 1867. Children

Children of JOSEPH ULREY and SARAH HUPP are:


CLARA A. ULREY, m. ISAAC BOWEN, October 16, 1881, Morrow Co. OH.


JOHN ULREY died May 13, 1872 in Harmony, Morrow Co. OH. He married JANE WALTMAN in Morrow Co. OH. John was killed when a beam fell on him during the raising of a barn. Children



GEORGE ULREY, b. ABT 1827; m. ANNE POWELL, Morrow Co. OH.

HARRISON ULREY, b. ABT 1828; m. MARY ANN JINKINS, February 20, 1853, Morrow Co. OH.

JOSEPH ULREY, b. ABT 1834; m. SARAH ETHRAL, Morrow Co. OH.

ELI ULREY, b. ABT 1840; m. MARIA J. POWELL, Morrow Co. OH.



HENRY ULERY, b. 1841, Washington Co. PA.

CASSANDRA ULERY, b. 1842, Washington Co. PA; d. September 14, 1850, Zollarsville, Washington Co. PA.

HANNAH ULERY, b. April 1843, Washington Co. PA; d. February 1, 1845, Zollarsville, Washington Co. PA.

MARY FRANCES ULERY, b. 1845, Zollarsville, Washington Co. PA; d. January 22, 1856, Zollarsville, Washington Co. PA.

ABNER ULERY was born December 19, 1847 in Washington Co. PA, and died May 23, 1930 in Zollarsville, Washington Co. PA. He married BARBARA (ULERY) 1873 in Washington Co. PA. Children

EMMA ULERY, b. 1849, Washington Co. PA; d. July 4, 1852, West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA.

FRANCES ULERY, b. 1850, Washington Co. PA; d. June 28, 1852, West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA.

WILLIAM ULERY was born 1854 in Washington Co. PA, and died Aft. 1880 in West Bethlehem, Washington Co. PA. He married IDA (ULERY) ABT 1875. Children

5th Generation

MARY J. ULREY, b. September 2, 1859.

WILLIAM A. ULREY, b. February 28, 1861.

LAURA S. ULREY, b. December 28, 1862.

DAVID S. ULREY, b. November 11, 1868; d. November 2, 1871.

MARGARET E. ULREY, b. December 28, 1870.


DAVID ULREY served in the Civil War. It is believed that he was a member of the Ohio 54th Regiment. He was killed dring the siege of Vicksburg, Mississippi and is buried there among the unknown dead.

HENRY ULREY, m. LYDIA BRACKNEY. Henry served in the Civil War. He is buried in St. Johns Ohio.

SARAH ULREY was born May 9, 1839, and died December 28, 1904 in Colorado. She married JOHN HOUCK October 8, 1862 in Allen Co. Ohio. Sarah and her husband moved to Iowa in 1867, to Harlan Co. Nebraska in 1871, and to Colorado in 1903. She is buried at Cedar Edge, Colorado. Children of SARAH ULREY and JOHN HOUCK are: JANE HOUCK., SYLVIA MAY, SILAS HOUCK, and MINER HOUCK.

MARY ULREY, b. May 8, 1844, Ohio; d. April 17, 1879, Ohio; m. WILLIAM W. BUCHANAN, March 19, 1863, Allen co. Ohio.

SILAS ULREY, d. Perry, Allen Co. Ohio; m. LILLIE MUNCH. He is uried in the Stevenson Cemetery, Allen Co. Ohio.

AARON ULREY, d. April 3, 1844, Allen co. Ohio.


JOHN JACOB ULREY, b. August 6, 1854, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; d. April 23, 1937, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; m. (1) JENNIE CUBBAGE; m. (2) ESTER ROYILLA, December 16, 1877.

HARRISON ULREY, b. July 12, 1856.

ISAAC ULREY, b. November 1, 1858.

SARAH REBECCA ULREY, b. April 1, 1860, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; d. May 17, 1941; m. DAVID NEWTON PORTER, April 6, 1881.

CHRISTINA JANE ULREY, b. October 16, 1863, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; d. July 28, 1937, South Bloomfield, Morrow Co. OH; m. LAWRENCE W. MEAD, February 16, 1889.

MARY EMMA ULREY, b. September 16, 1865, Harmony, Morrow Co., OH; d. January 26, 1965, Bennington, Morrow Co., OH; m. E. CLINTON ASHLEY, October 21, 1883, Bennington, Morrow Co. OH.

DEMAS ULREY, b. June 11, 1868, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; d. September 14, 1940, Columbus, Franklin Co. OH; m. ESTHER ALICE ROGERS.

MAGGIE LUCINDA ULREY, b. October 9, 1873, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; d. September 4, 1935, Columbus, Franklin Co. OH; m. BURTON J. SNYDER, July 15, 1893.

Children of SILAS ULREY and MILLIE ALLEN are:


Mary E. Ulrey was born February 1865 in Ohio Co., KY and died February 1947 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. She was married June 19, 1886 in Morrow Co., OH to Phillip William Lawrence who was born June 12, 1865 in VA and died October 1, 1922 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. Mary was buried February 27, 1947 in Greenwood Cemetery in Chattanooga TN. OBITUARY Mary Ulrey
IDA O. ULREY, b. ABT 1867.






EVA B. ULREY, b. October 6, 1868, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; d. December 22, 1940, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; m. MASON W. MCCRACKEN, September 24, 1890.

ADDIE E. ULREY, b. August 17, 1871, Morrow Co. OH; d. January 13, 1951, Mt Gilead, Morrow Co. OH; m. WILLIAM B. CLARK, September 25, 1892.

EDITH A. ULREY, b. 1874, Morrow Co. OH; d. May 5, 1889, Morrow Co. OH.

KATE L. ULREY, b. November 21, 1876, Harmony, Morrow Co. OH; d. August 26, 1957, Mt Gilead, Morrow Co. OH; m. JOHN FRANK RUHL.

Children of JOHN ULREY and JANE WALTMAN are:





Children of ABNER ULERY and BARBARA (ULERY) are:

ELI ULERY, b. 1874.

FANNIE ULERY, b. 1876.

NELLIE ULERY, b. 1878.

Children of WILLIAM ULERY and IDA (ULERY) are:

THOMAS F ULERY, b. 1876.

NITA ULERY, b. 1878; d. 1879.

NITA ULERY, b. 1879.

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