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Ward Family
1st Generation
Joseph Steven Ward Joseph Steven Ward was born September 1847 in AL and died 1907 in Blount Co., AL. He was married about June 1896 in Blount Co. to Musie Dora Dutton who was born April 18, 1876 in Blount Co., and died March 19, 1948 in Limestone Co., AL. From James T. Adams: Killed maybe in a tractor or wagon accident. Lillie Mae Dutton claims that Joe Ward died from typhoid. In 1900 Wm T. Dutton and J. S. Ward lived next door to each other. The Burgess family book by Harl Burgess says that Joe Ward is buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery in Blountsville with no marker. He has been located on only one census, 1900, his occupation is listed as farmer.

2nd Generation
Lilla Mae Ward was born June 11, 1898 in Blount Co., AL and died April 1, 1971 in Decatur, Morgan Co., AL. She was married January 7, 1918 in Decatur, Morgan Co., AL to Judge Aaron Morgan who was born February 20, 1899 in Winston Co., AL and died December 25, 1964 in Limestone Co., AL. Lilla Mae Ward
William Wesley Ward William Wesley Ward was born February 3, 1900 in Blount Co., AL and died in Decatur, Morgan Co., AL in March of 1986. He married Mamie Harbin of Decatur. On the 1920 census his occupation was listed as farm laborer. Child
Clarice Ward Clarice C. Ward was born August 5, 1902 in Blount Co., AL and died October 1980 in Monroe, LA. She married Roy Alexander.
Bob Ward Robert F. Ward was born in 1904 in Blount Co., AL and died in 1973. He married Essie.
Dewey Ward Joseph Dewey Ward was born about 1907 in Blount Co., AL and died in 1940. Dewey Ward died after he was injured riding a train to Arkansas. He was either beaten or fell from the train. He arrived in AR where he died a few days later. His occupation on the 1920 census is farm laborer.

2nd Generation

MARION WARD was murdered in a restaurant in Decatur AL after an argument with another patron. On an earlier date he was shot and wounded by federal agents who were trying to stop him while he was running whiskey. He escaped to his aunt Lilla's house where his wounds were treated.

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