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Civil War Era Letter From William H. Keeler

Transcript of a letter from William H. Keeler. The letter is undated and contains no salutation, but in closing says it is "from your brother." He refers to his brother, Charles, in the letter and since this letter came down through Charles' descendents, speculation is that it was sent to Sarah, wife of Charles. The Henry W. Keeler referred to in the letter was also part of Company D. He may have been William's nephew, son of his brother Giles:

Thursday night. I expected to have sent you all of those checks today but the men were not in camp so that I could not get them today so I send them along and I will send the other five in the course of a day or two since Charles can wait and ******** them all at ******** not just as you please. It was an awful cold night last night. I told you the frost went right through *******. It threatens snow very much tonight. I have had the Neuralgia in my face and hand(?) all day from cold last night. I hope it will pass off without troubling me much. The boys are all well. Buck(?) sends his respect to you all. It beats all about the rains(?) we have had. We have not had a weeks sun since we left Bridgeport, it beats all. Gen. Rosecrans is giving the Rebels fits(?) out West and I wish the hell(?) we could do something of the kind in these parts. I heard today that probably we should know whether we move or not in a day or two. All I want is to see something done and something to show that we were getting a little nearer the ending of this damnable Rebellion which I hope will be ended soon. While writing I have received one of those checks which I bought(?), Name Henry W. Keeler which I will send with mine. Love to all.

From your Brother, Wm H. Keeler

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