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Excerpt of the Will of Elizabeth Baysey

A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records

Compiled by Charles William Manwaring
Vol. 1, Hartford District 1700-1729
Hartford, CT, R. S. Peck and Co. Printers 1904


Bayse, Elizabeth, Hartford. Invt. �60-14-00 . Taken 13 December, 1673, by Stephen Hopkins & George Grave. Will not dated.

Page 118: I Elizabeth Bayse, being by the Providence of god very wecke but of sound understanding, do make this my last will & testament: I do give to my daughter Elizabeth Peck my 2 Cushions that was my husband's, in Consideration of her Care & Trouble of me in my sickness. The rest of my Estate I give to my three daughters, Mary Burr, Lydia Baker and Elizabeth Peck, equally to be divided amongst them.


   George Grave    ELIZABETH BAYSE, LS.
      Steven Hopkins

Court Record, page 135: 15 December, 1673: Will & Invt. Exhibited by Samuel Burr and Paul Peck.

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