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Excerpt of the Will of Edward Cadwell

A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records

Compiled by Charles William Manwaring
Vol. 1, Hartford District 1700-1729
Hartford, CT, R. S. Peck and Co. Printers 1904

Vol. VII, 1700 - 1710 Probate pages 329-330. (pg 367 of this book)

Cadwell, Edward, Hartford. Invt. 826-10-10. Taken by John Shepherd, James Ensign and George Sexton. Will date 2-January-1716/17.

I, Edward Cadwell, Sen., of Hartford, do now make this my last will and testament. I give to my wife Elizabeth the use and improvement of 1/3 part of all my houseing and land during the term of her natural life, and 1/3 part of my moveable estate to be at her disposal forever. I also give her my negro or malatoo boy Diego during the time my sd. Wife shall continue my widow, and when that time shall terminate my will is my son William shall have sd. Diego, to be to him forever. I give my son Edward Cadwell 1 piece of upland near the North part of the Township of Hartford and within the sd. Township, containing about 5 or 6 acres, bounded upon land of the heirs of Richard Lord, Esqr., deceased, and upon the West River west, also 2 acres of land, little more or less, in the South meadow, bounded east upon Col. Partridge's land west upon Capt. Joseph Whiting, south upon John Catlin, north upon John Shepherd, or land improved by them; also one piece of land of Nathaniel Stanly's south, upon land of the heirs of Thomas Bunce north; and also one piece of the long meadow, containing about 1 acre, abutted upon the Great River easterly, land sometime since improved by Thomas Olcott, deceased north and Mr. Nathaniel Stanly's south, Capt. Joseph Wadsworth west. All which parcels of land I give to my sd. Son Edward forever. Also 15 acres more or less, lying in a greater parcell half whereof I have given him by deed, butts on Deacon Easton's heirs east, on West River west, etc. in the same tenure. Item. All the rest of my lands whatsoever and wheresoever situate, I give unto my 2 sons, the sd. Edward Cadwell and my son William Cadwell, to be equally divided between them. Item. I give unto my 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Rachel, to each of them the sum of 50 reckoned in money. And further my will is, that after my decease John Cadwell, who now dwells and is bound to me, if I happen to die before his time is out, shall go to my sonn William according to the indentures, and that my sd. Son William shall pay the 20 due by the said indenture unto the sd. John when his time is out. My will also further is, that if the sd. Diego happen to live so that by force of this my will he come to serve my sonn William, my sd. Sonn William shall, in consideration thereof, pay to each of my 2 daughters or their heirs the sum of 5 current money. I appoint my two sons executors. In witness whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal this second day of January, Anno RiRs Georgij Mage: Brite. Etc., Tertio, Anno Dom 1716-17.


   Daniel Smith    EDWARD CADWELL LS.
      Tho. Kimberly

Court Record Page 108: 7 July, 1719: Will Proven.

Page 9 (Vol. X) 5 March 1722-3: An agreement for the settlement of the real estate of Edward Cadwell was now exhibited by Edward Cad\well and William Cadwell, sons and they acknowledged the same to be their free act and deed, which this Court accepts, orders recorded and kept on file.

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