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Excerpt of the Will of John Baysey

A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records

Compiled by Charles William Manwaring
Vol. 1, Hartford District 1700-1729
Hartford, CT, R. S. Peck and Co. Printers 1904

Page 94-97 (page 179 of this book)

Basey, John, Hartford, Weaver. Invt. 383-02-06. Taken 29 August, 1671, by Richard Butler, Nicholas Olmsted, George Grave, Jr. Will dated 14 August, 1671.

In the name of God, Amen. I John Baysey of Hartford, in the Colony of Connecticut, in New England--Weaver--being at this present weak in Body but of sound memory and good understanding, considering my own frailty, I have made and ordained this my last will and testament in manner and form following; That is to say, first of all I commit my soul into the hands of Allmighty God, my Creator and preserver, when it shall please him to call for the same out of this transitory Life, and my Body to comely Christian Buriall, in ashured hope of the blessed resurrection of the same at the Last day. And as for that portion of worldly goods and Estate that it hath pleased God to Lend mee here for a time, I doe by this my Last will and testament dispose thereof as followeth: First, my will is that all my just debts due from mee to any person or persons whatsoever bee duely discharged and paid out of my personal estate, and that my funeral expenses bee in like manner paid out of my estate.

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