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From Will Book A, page 66, Monroe Co. TN

John R. Roberts

I, John R. Roberts do make and publish my last will and testament hereby revoking all others by me made. It is my desire that after my death that all my debts should be paid out of any money I die possesd of. I also wish that all my personal property be divided between my father and brothers as may be herein after provided. I give and bequeath to my father Phillip Roberts my iron gray mare, saddle and bridle and my rifle gun. I give my two brothers Phillip Roberts Jr. and Jackson Roberts the land I am to receive from the government of the U.S. for my services in the war against Mexico in Capt. P.B. Anderson's company A set. It is my wish that the said land be equally divided between my said brothers and fathers share and share alike after my debts are paid. I wish all the money and property of every description I may die possesed of to be equally divided between my said father and brothers except that which has been specifically described in this will. I also appoint Phillip Roberts my executor.

Signed sealed and published this 5th day of Apr. 1847

Wits: H.H. Stephen                                 John R. Roberts

                   B.B. Land

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