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Excerpt of the Will of Nathan Ratliff

LDS Film #0032600

Montgomery Co., VA Probate Records Vol. 5

p. 277 and 278

N. Ratliff will.

In the name of God Amen. I Nathan Ratliff of the county of Montgomery and state of Virginia being weak in body but of dispensing(?) mind and memory and coming on the uncertainty of human life and being desirous to disposing my personal and real estate do make and constitute this, my last will and testament in manner and form following that(?) is todays. I have given my son Jeremiah Ratliff one horse and one cow and other estate amounting to fifty dollars. Also to my son William Ratliff I have given fifty dollars in property and also to my son John Ratliff the sum of fifty dollars in property and also to my son Thompson Ratliff I gave one horse and fifty dollars ???? I give and bequeath to my son in law Jonas Altizar and Sally his wife and their heirs forever one ???? or(?) parcel of land containing 185 (165?) acres(?) ???? and being in the county(?) aforementioned on the waters of Little River and ??? as follows to ???? Beginning on the river at ??? corner(?) of ????? ???? of ??? ??? ??? to a pass and ??? to other corner and joining the lines of another survey of ???? containing 245 acres and ??? to the beginning and further ???? my will that after my decease that my executors shall sell the above ??? 245 acres of land with all my personal property of every kind and of the proceeds of such sale to ???? to my daughter Rebecca Akers wife of John Akers the sum of fifty dollars and to my daughter Sally wife of Jonas Altizar the sum of fifty dollars tnd to my daughter Mary the sum of fifty dollars and ??? to my daughter Martha the sum of fifty and to my son Thompson Ratliff the sum of thirty dollars and all the rest r???? and remainder of my property debts and interest(?) after paying off my last debts to equally divided among all of my heirs, Jeremiah and William, John and Thompson Ratliff, Rebecca Akers wife of John Akers, Sally Altizar wife of Jonas Altizar, Mary and Martha my daughters and lastly I appoint my ???? John Ratliff and Jonas Altizar my executors in witness whereof I do ???? set my hand and fix my seal this 23 of July 1834. In the presence of

His Mark: Elija Reed(?)

   His Mark: George Godby    His Mark: Nathan N. Ratliff

At a court held for Montgomery County at the courthouse on Monday, the 5th day of January 1835. This last will and testament of Nathan Ratliff deceased was presented in court and proven by the oath of Elijah Reed(?) and George Godby the(?) as ???? ???? ???? ???? ordered to be received and on the motion of John Ratliff one of the executors ??? named who made oath and together with William E??? ??? ???bury and Daniel Moter(?) his Sac??/tons entered into and acknowledged a bond(?) in the property of one thousand dollars.

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