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Will Book C, Pike County GA.

In the name of God Amen

I Sarah MClendon of the State of Georgia and County of Pike being in a low state of bodily health but of sound mind and memory calling to mind the mortality of my body, do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament in manner and form following viz.

Item 1st
I will that all my just debts be paid.

I will and bequeath that all my little Estate be sold and the proceeds equally divided amongst the following Legatees (viz.) my sons Francis, Jacob, John and Dennis, and my three Daughters Polly Whaltey Rachael Adams and Eliza Stewart and my Grand son Minton(?) Hammonds all of which named Legatees I desire to share equally with this exception. I will and bequeath to my two sons Francis and Dennis a bed(?) and Fromshisse(?) each independent of their equal share of the balance of my estate.

I appoint my son Jacob Trustee for my Grand son Minton(?) Hammonds to receive his distributive share of my estate and hold it in his hands until the said Minton(?) arrives at the age of Twenty one years.

I appoint my son Jacob sole executor of this my last will and Testament.
And I do hereby publish ratify and declare this and only to be my last Will and Testament revoking all former wills by me made. In Testimony whereof I the said Sarah MClendon have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 24th October 1830.
Test Jonathan Adams
Sarah MClendon (Her Mark)
William Z.(?) White

Georgia Pike County by his Honor John A. Cochrum(?) Ordinary Exofficer(?)
to E. Z. C. White & e. A. Bell Esquires ??????

Whereas there is a certain matter of conservancy now pending in the Ordinary Court of said County wherein Jacob MClendon did at the last term of this court in open court propound an instrument perporting to be the last will and Testament of Sarah MClendon for probate and both the witnesses to said will being without(?) the Courts(?) of said State and Wm Z.(?) White one of the material witnesses to said will and cannot attend our said court in person without manifest inconvenience. Now know you that we reposing(?) safe(?) and trust(?) and Confidence in your prudence(?) and fidelity have appointed you and you or any ??? or man of you are hereby authorized and requested(?) to cause the said William Z. White personally to come before you and office(/) being duly summon(?) to examine him concerning the said will agree(?) only(?) to the interrogations hereto annexed(?), and the answers to the same being plainly and distinctly written you are to send the same Closed up under ????? ????? seals to our said Court to be held on the first Monday in October next together with this ?????.
?????? the Honorable John A. Cochrum Ordinary Exofficer our said Court(?) 26 day of August 1834.
Niley(?) E. Maugham(?) Dept Elish(?)
Court(?) Ordinary PC(?)

Jacob MClendon propounder of Sarah McClendon
Will propounded(?) for Probate in will Pike Court of Chancery.

Interrogations to be Exhibited to William Z.(?) White a material witness for the propounder who resides out of the County of Pike.

Item 1st
Do you know the propounder and did you know Sarah MClendon in her lifetime.

Item 2
Did you see the deceased sign seal and declare and publish the attached instrument as her last will and testament at the time therein specified. Did you sign the same as a witness if so did you sign in the presence of the testatrix at her request and did Jonathan Adams do likewise. Did she make the same freely and understanding(?) was she of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time. Who wrote said will and at whose request was it written as she directed it to be.

Give all you know that will benefit the propounder.

K. F. G. I. Green and Markin attys. for propounder.

State of Mississippi
Lauderdale County

In obedience to a commission to us directed from the Honorable Court of Chancery of the County of Pike and the State of Georgia we have caused William Z.(?) White the person named in said commission to come before us and after being sworn true answers to make to certain Interrogatories that's(?) annexed he answers as follows

To Interrogatory 1st He answers I was for many years well acquainted with both Jacob MClendon and Sarah MClendon.

To Int 2
He answers I wrote the instrument purporting to be a will at the special request of the Testatrix (viz.) Sarah MClendon on the day and date therein named. I wrote it precisely according to her dictation and read it correctly to her after it was written before she signed it and she said it was just as she desired it and signed it cheerfully as far as I was capable of judging she was fully compramastis(?), if she had not been I should not have written the will.

I signed it as a subsenting(?) witness and saw Dr. Jonathan Adams also sign it as such.

Int 3
He answers I know nothing more.

William Z.(?) White

Answers sworn to and subscribed before us this 10th day of July AD 1833.
E.Z.C. White
A. Bell JP

State of Georgia
Pike County
I Jacob MClendon do solemnly swear that this writing contains the true and last will and Testament of Sarah MClendon late of said County deceased as far as I know or believe and that I???? will well and truly execute the same by paying first the debts and then the Legatees contained in said will as far as her effects and Chattels will thereunto extend and the law charges me with that I will make a true and proper(?) inventory of all said Goods and Chattels so help me God.

Sworn to ????? before
me in open court this 6th day of August 1835.

Jacob MClendon
Joseph C. Bechham

Received this 13 August 1833
J. C. Bechham Ordinary(?)

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