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From "A Digest of the Early Connecticut Probate Records" Compiled by Charles William Manwaring. Volume 1 1635-1700. Published by R. S. Peck & Company, 1904.
Page 121-122
Greensmith, Nathaniel. Court Record, page 182-15. October, 1662. At a particular Court held at Hartford 30 December, 1662. The Indictment of Nathaniel Greensmith and of Rebecca his wife for witchcraft: Nathaniel Greensmith, thou art here indicted by the name of Nathaniel Greensmith for not haveing the feare of God before thine eyes; thou has entertained familiarity with Satan the grand Enemy of God and Mankind, and by his help hast acted things in a preter naturall way beyond human abilities in a natural course, for which according to ye Law of God and ye established laws of this Commonwealth thou deserveth to die.

The Jury returned that they find ye prisoner at ye Barr, nathaniel Greensmith, guilty of ye Indictment.

Respecting Rebecca Greensmith, Prisoner at ye Barr, the Jury find her guilty of ye Indictment. The said Rebecca Confesseth in open Court that she is guilty of ye charge laid in agaynst here.

Magistrates: Mr. Allyn modr, Mr. Willys, Mr. Treat, Mr. Woolcot, Danll Clarke, Sec., Mr. Jo: Allyn.

Jury: Edw. Griswold, Walter Filor, Ensign Olmsted, Samll Bordman, Goodm Winterton, John Cowles, Sammll Marshall, Samll Hale, Nathanll Willet, John Hart, John Wadsworth, Robert Webster.

(See File for Greensmith's Estate as below mentioned:)

Hartford, 11 ffeb. (16)62(3): Respecting the Estate of Nathaniel Greensmith, It is ordered that the Marshall, Mr. Gilbert, James Ensign and Paul Peck shall take care to preserve the estate from Waste and to take in ye account of Debts, and to discharge any just debts, and to pay fourty pounds to ye Treasurer for ye County, and to secure ye rest of ye estate in their hands until March Court next ensueing, when there will be further order taken about ye Remainder of ye Estate. And they are desired and authorized to dispose of the 2 daughters, with the Advice of ye Assistants in Hartford, & to advice with them about any Expedient in referent to ye premises. Pr or of ye Assistants: Danll Clarke, Secry.

An Inventory of the Estate of Nathaniel Greensmith, who was executed the 25th of January, 1662, L137-14-01. Other Estate found with the aforementioned Estate of Nathaniel Greensmith, with the Exception, viz., that is hereafter mentioned is claimed by Hannah & Sarah Elson. vizt:

44-04-04 John X Cowles 137-14-01 Jonath: Gilbert, James Stell. 181-18-05 Total Value.

Note: Part of Inventory at the Prison:

Two blanketts 1-05-00 One Rugg one Blankett 1-15-00 One Boulster 0-15-00 One Bed well filled 2-15-00

Court Record, Page 190-5 March, 1662-3: Daniel Garrett is allowed 6 Shillings a week for keeping Nathaniel Greensmith and his wife, besides their fees, wch is to be paid out of Greensmith's Estate.

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